Best Proven office Chairs for Piriformis Syndrome (Expert Pick)

As you are here going through our article, we are quite certain that you are a person with piriformis syndrome, and your current chair is not treating you in a  healthy way. Probably it is boosting up your spinal pain gradually.

So, you are looking for a perfect healthful chair to get relief from your pain. Actually, the chair is our actual mate to get our daily job done. You can not think of your working hours without a chair.

But sometimes, chairs stand as an antagonist to us as some chairs increase our body pain. And it is very tough to select the right chair for us out of thousands or millions of chairs on the market.

Here, we have decorated a list of the chairs best chairs for piriformis syndrome according to the needs of people who are suffering from piriformis syndrome. We mentioned all the needy things that are a must for people with piriformis syndrome.  We hope this write-up will help you to know which ergonomic chairs will be right for piriformis syndrome.

Content Outline

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for piriformis syndrome: Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

The Aeron chair has been sold over 7 million and got huge admiration and recognition from the buyers. Their quality and healthful product made them trustworthy to the people.

This is an actual chair with essential features. It offers amazing lumbar support and doesn’t push up the spine to the pain. Your back pain may take a vacation as its seat and back are well designed to reduce your lower back pain. Again, its tilt rocking opportunity can be helpful for your busy day.

Moreover, the padded armrests also have an adjustment facility, so you can customize them according to your desk and task.


3D adjustable armrests:

You can adjust the height of armrests from 6.8 inches to 10.8 inches above the seat. And you can slide it back and forth more than 2.5 inches.

You also can pivot it outward for 15° and inward for 17.5°.

Breathable back and seat:

This one has come with a mesh back and seat. This breathable back and seat are soft and durable. Your sitting experience with this ventilated seat and back will surely be fresh and amazing.

Tilt – mechanism:

Here, the recline range of the chair can be fixed by the tilt limiter. You will get three options to tilt back that will surely provide you a pleasurable posture. You can set one of these three postures- upright, mid-recline, and full recline.

Seat angle adjustment:

You can also customize the angle of the seat. You can fix it according to your comfortable position from neutral. This adjustment feature offers you a comfortable working experience.

Adjustable Lumbar support:

Here, two different pads are bent independently which you can adjust as you want. This lumbar support can be fitted with the curve of your backbone. This feature won’t boost up your spinal pain.



  1. Graphite
  2. Mineral
  3. Carbon

Material: Recycled Material

Item weight: 43 pounds

Brand: Heman Miller

Warranty: 12 years

Weight capacity: 350 lbs


Length: 28.25

Width: 28.25

Height: 43 inches

Seat height: 16-20.5 inches


  • A huge 12-year warranty.
  • Stylish appearance with 3 different sizes.
  • Excellent back support.
  • Numerous adjustable functions.
  • Good for back problems.
  • Healthful and supportive.
  • Excellent mate for your daily task.


  • Not a better one for taller guys. 

Who should buy this chair

Well, I can assure you that this one is the perfect preventive for your lower back pain. Its amazing lumbar support and the seat-back combination made it perfect for people with spinal pain.

So, if you have lower back pain, then this one is for you. And it’s also perfect for the office room.

Best Gaming Office Chair for piriformis syndrome: Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Chair offers effective ergonomic ingredients that can moderate the unhealthful effects of spending countless hours on the chair. This one is actually a perfect chair as it was verified by many doctors and experts.

The curve of its backrest looks like a human back. It adjusts the natural curve of your spine nicely. Its back is made to keep you joyful during the busy day.

Its long period of warranty indicates its durability. This one is very lightweight but enough serviceable. Its adjustable functions may help you a lot.


Adjustable backrest:

This chair’s backrest is made to provide maximum comfort to your body. It is designed to be fitted with your spine’s curve. It offers you a natural and perfect posture on the chair. This backrest supports your movements smoothly.

Its curve is well made to reduce your spinal pain. You can spend numerous hours on this chair without any back pain. 

Adjustable armrests:

You can customize the height of these armrests from 6.5 inches to 11.5 inches from the seat to reduce shoulder stress. You can also fix them inward and outward from 12 inches apart to 21 inches to get assistance in various tasks.

Adjustable seat depth:

The seat depth adjustment feature offers you a working period without stress. You can adjust it according to your height and task. Any size of human may find it helpful. Again the seat can be extended forward to offer your legs a perfect posture.

Seat layers:

This Embody Chair’s seat is covered with four separate support layers. Every layer has its different material, and they all are manufactured with a different process.

All of these layers work together for utmost comfortability. These four layers are made for airflow and to keep you cool and comfortable.

Innovative Ergonomic Design:

This chair is very healthful with its innovative design. The surprising fact is, over 20 Doctors and scholars who are well experienced in the field of physical therapy, biomechanics, vision, and ergonomics prescribed their wisdom to assist the development of this ergonomic chair.

As a result, this chair sets a benchmark record for healthful movement in an ergonomic setting.


Material: Recycled Material 

Weight capacity: 300 pounds 

Item weight: 51 pounds 


  1. Bule
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. Twilight rhythm
  5. Peacock rhythm
  6. Mulberry rhythm
  7. Iris rhythm

Warranty: 12 years

Made in: Michigan


Length: 28 inches

Width: 27 inches

Height: 38.25 inches

Seat height: 16-20.5 inches


  • Its tight fabric is very soft to touch.
  • Padded armrests provide more flexibility in work.
  • Tilt limiter offers you the adjustment opportunity.
  • Carpet casters are sturdy and durable.
  • This chair has come with a graphite frame and base.
  • It is 95% recyclable.
  • Has a 100% green energy opportunity.
  • This chair adds pixelated support.


  • There is no headrest option in the chair.

Who should buy this chair 

The back of the Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed to grab the neutral posture of a human which is the prime thing of this chair. Its back and seat are specially combined for those people who have spinal pain.

If you have spinal issues and want a healthful chair to get your daily activities done, then this one would be a perfect mate for you. Some gamers spend numerous hours on the chair; this one is also perfect for them.

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain and piriformis syndrome: SIDIZ T50 chair

SIDIZ T50 Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

This T50 chair is not only gorgeous but also very well-performing. It assists your back to remain comfortable for the day long. It moves naturally with your posture. You will find it helpful in every single angle.

Its mesh back is very soft and breathable. This S-shaped backrest offers you a pleasurable position. Its height adjustment functions can provide you a preferable posture on the chair.

This one is very durable and comfortable. You may get your daily task done comfortably with this chair. So let’s check all the specs of this highly adjustable one.


Adjustable seat:

This adjustment facility offers ergonomic pleasure to your whole body. You can customize the slide and slope of the seat to pick the perfect position in the chair. Again, the chair offers a height adjustment facility with its gas lift.

You might be bored working in a fixed seat, but in this adjustable one, you will find your best position perfectly.

Adjustable armrests:

To work for a long period, this adjustment facility provides extra comfort. You can move this T50’s arms in 3 ways. Here it moves back and forward, up and down, and left to the right side. By using this function, your wrists and shoulders will remain painless.

Comfortable backrest:

This chair features an ergonomic S-shaped design. This shape makes the waist stay in an s-shape that can keep your body away from back pain. Again, the backrest has a decent mesh material that is breathable.

Here you will find the tilting function also. It helps you to lean back for 25 degrees. You can customize the tilt tension to get the perfect posture.

Adjustable lumbar support:

You can tighten or lose the lumbar support to find the perfect zone on the chair. This chair offers you to fix the lumbar support’s height and depth in two ways. This function could be helpful for different sizes of folks.

Wheel casters:

There are carpet casters in the chair that can run on the soft floors. The casters are very sturdy and durable as they were made with excellent engineering plastic.



  • Polyester
  • Mesh 

Brand: SIDIZ 

Weight: 18 Kilograms 


  1. Blue
  2. Gray

Item weight: 46.2 pounds


Length: 38.1 inches

Width:   22.4 inches

Height: 26.3 inches

Height from ground to seat: 15.4-18.3 inches


  • Depth: 18.3-21 inches
  • Height: 15.7-18.7 inches
  • Width: 19.3 inches

Backrest height: 23 inches


  • Mesh back offers better ventilation and a nice and warm feeling.
  • Stylish appearance with utmost comfortability.
  • Very durable nylon casters.
  • 3D adjustable armrests.
  • S-shaped backrest provides pleasant working hours.


  • Some purchasers said that its seat cushion is very terrible.

Who should buy this chair 

Actually, this chair is a perfect solution for every workplace. Its various adjustment functions made itself appropriate for all. Its seat and back are well combined to provide a comfortable experience. Officials may find it helpful. And obviously, this is a good option for almost everyone.

best desk chair for piriformis syndrome: Flash Furniture Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back and Mesh Ergonomic office chair

This flash furniture chair is a perfect one for your office and home tasks. This chair’s perfect height made it suitable for conventional desks. Your daily office tasks will be delighted with this piece.

This mesh lumbar supported chair comes with adjustable padded armrests and a foot ring that would make your working hours more comfortable. Its exceptional seat edge may give you a pleasant and pressureless experience.

Its heavy-duty base increases its longevity, and the dual-wheel casters can provide you a smooth roaming experience. This chair could be the perfect one for officials.


Adjustable seat and backrest:

The Flash Furniture Chair offers you the opportunity of adjusting the angle of the seat and reclining the backrest. To make the features work, there is a tilt tension knob beneath the seat.

This feature cuts down pressure on your lower back and offers perfect posture on the chair. You can lock it in an accurate position according to the desk height and size.

Upholstered & Waterfall seat:

Its padded seat gives you a somewhat cozy feeling, and the waterfall seat edge reduces pressure on your legs and ensures day-long comfortability.

Adjustable armrests:

Doesn’t matter what kind of work you are doing, you must be able to keep your hand in a pleasant position to do your work smoothly. And the Flash Furniture Chair does offer you that opportunity. Any-size people in any task will be able to customize the chair’s arms according to their will. 

Built-in lumbar support:

Its backrest comes with curved lumbar support. And it’s breathable with its mesh material. This built-in lumbar support may keep you fresh, ensure you a correct posture, and make your day pleasant.

Heavy-duty base:

This elegant chair has a five-star heavy-duty nylon base that increases the durability of the chair. Its dual-wheel casters offer you nice mobility. You can wander smoothly in your places if you want.

Foot ring:

It’s 20 inches round foot ring provides better posture. This foot ring made the chair more sturdy and durable with a height adjustment facility.



  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Gray
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Purple
  7. White
  8. Yellow-orange
  9. Red


  • Foam
  • Plywood
  • Mesh
  • Plastic
  • Metal 

Frame: Plastic 

Brand: Flash Furniture 

Item Weight: 38 pounds 

Max weight capacity: 250 pounds 

Foam Factor: Upholstered 

Batteries Required: No


Length: 24.5 inches

Width: 25.25 inches

Height: 49.5 inches

Seat: 19.5W×18D×31.5H inches

Back: 19.5W×21H inches


  • from floor 30.5-40.75H inches
  • from seat 7.5-10H inches


  • Adjustable padded flip-up armrests.
  • Durable heavy-duty base.
  • A perfect mate for your daily task.
  • Breathable backrest with built-in lumbar support.
  • Comfortable and greatly adjustable one.
  • Good one from the price point.
  • Much easier to assemble.


  • No headrest in this chair.

Who should buy this chair

This one comes with most of the key features of a felicitous chair. With this chair, different tasks would be done very comfortably. Except for a few, most of the buyers find it comfortable and durable.

Actually, this one is a great option for architects, lab techs, bankers, and administrative personnel

Office Star ProGrid Chair– has the best seat cushion for piriformis syndrome

Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair staples petite office chairs

This affordable ProGrid chair comes with a lot of major features. Its comfortability and good durability make it extraordinary. This modern-styled chair offers decent performance to users.

The Office Star ProGrid chair is a great option for any office. Its two-way adjustable arms and 360° swivel opportunities make it catchy to the consumers. And the nylon and Eco-leather material of this object are durable enough.

Besides, this chair is well constructed with its robust titanium frame. Here you will find different ergonomic adjustments that can provide you a perfect posture on the chair. It is designed to provide you day-long assistance.


Adjustable seat height:

This chair comes with a pneumatic height adjustment facility. This facility allows you a fast and facile settlement to customize chair height. To match with different desks, this facility is much essential. Even smaller and larger folks can settle it according to their height and task.

Breathable material:

The mesh material allows supreme air circulation and thus keeps you sweat-free.

Seat depth adjustment:

Here you can modify the depth of the seat that is pretty important to cut down pressure on your thighs and buttocks. Both smaller and larger people may find it helpful in day-long tasking.

Seat slider:

The Office Star ProGrid Chair offers a seat adjustment facility. You can move it forth and back to its actual location. Taking a perfect position on the chair is easier with this opportunity.

Adjustable armrests:

The ProGrid chair offers additional comfort. Its two-way adjustable armrests provide more flexibility in every task. These smaller good looking arms can assist you in every day’s tasks.

Built-in lumbar support:

This one has a great built-in lumbar support to keep your back pain away. This feature provides you a better posture with the backrest. Its breathable ProGrid backrest increases the comfortability. Day-long tasking would be easier with this backrest.

 360° swivel:

You can rotate this chair for a total of 360° in each direction for comfortable motion. Your communication with others will be spontaneous with this feature.


Brand: Office Star 

Style: Modern


  1. High-Black
  2. Mid-Back


  • Plastic
  • mesh

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Item Weight: 50.1 pounds


Length: 29 inches

Width: 27.88 inches

Height: 42.63 inches

Back size: 19.5W×23H inches

Seat size: 21W×19.5D×3T inches


  • Offers five-level multifunction controlling facilities.
  • Various ergonomic adjustment options will make your day comfortable.
  • It is certified for less chemical discharge.
  • Heavy-duty base increases its durability.
  • Adjustable armrests ensure more comfortability.
  • You can add an extra headrest.


  • Not a good way to go for people with lower back pain.

Who should buy this chair

Various adjustment facilities make this chair special in this segment. Anyone can customize its essential parts easily. Adjustment features made it perfect for almost all people.

This is perfect for the office and study room as officials and students spend countless hours on the chair. Their long-period on the chair would be comfortable with its multifunctional opportunities.

Modway Veer Drafting Chair Get immediate relief for piriformis syndrome

Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair

The Veer Drafting Chair is a comfortable chair from Modway. Its stylish appearance and features can catch the attention of buyers.

Its form-fitted mesh seat and mesh back are designed to provide you a perfect posture. The chair’s backrest will give your spine pleasure during pressure. Any-size folks would get a perfect sitting position in this chair.

They can keep their hand and back in their willing position with the adjustment facilities. It will keep you perfectly in the seat. The adjustable parts of this chair can ensure you an enjoyable sitting experience.

The wheel casters can bring you to every corner of the room effortlessly. This one’s foot ring is very sturdy and adjustable as well.


Adjustable armrests:

This Modway chair comes with flip-up armrests. Here, you can up and down these armrests smoothly. Your sitting position and mood may find a strong grip. Heavily loaded padding with surprising softness will ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

Mesh backrest:

This chair’s backrest is pretty breathable. This backrest and padded waterfall mesh seat are designed to keep your back painless. It can keep your spine away from any sort of inflexible feeling.

Adjustable height:

Here, you can adjust the height of the seat. With a single-touched lift, you can customize it according to your height. No matter how long or short you are, this advantage can make your day more comfortable.

Tilt and tension lock:

Through this adjustable tilt facility, you can customize it according to your posture. In various tasks, it can provide the perfect position. In different desks, different types of tasks would be easier and comfortable with this tilt lock.

Double-wheel casters:

There are five double-wheel casters to make the chair more serviceable. They ensure you an effortless roaming. In the carpeted office, these wheel casters would run smoothly.



  • Stainless-steel
  • Mesh

Brand: Modway


  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Blue
  4. Red 

 Item weight: 32 pounds 

Weight capacity: 330 lbs 

Style Name: Drafting stool

Recommended place: Indoor


Length: 22.5 inches 

Width: 25.5 inches 

Height: 50 inches 

Backrest: 18.5W×22H inches 

Armrests: 10L×3W×2H inches 

Seat: 19L×20W×2.5H inches


  • You will get a day-long comfortability with the combination of breathable mesh back and waterfall padded mesh seat.
  • Foot ring offers amazing comfort.
  • Good one for the students.
  • You may get better support from this well-built chair.
  • A good option for people with larger legs.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for any traditional desk.


  • There is no lumbar support.
  • Not a good way to go for healthy people.

Who should buy this chair: 

This is an amazing chair. Almost all needy features are equipped in this one. This chair is perfect for the office. People can easily adjust it with any desk.

You can also choose this one for your school or home. Its adjustable armrests and tilt locking facilities are also essential for students and officials. 

cushion Chair for piriformis syndrome: Serta Hannah microfiber office chair

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

Serta always offers something with high quality, design, and comfort. This chair also comes with quality ingredients that make this one comfortable and durable.

This chair has a soft pillow in the headrest and deeply layered body pillows for extraordinary comfort and a pleasant feeling. The armrests are well cushioned for the continuous easement. And the contoured lumbar offers absolute support for your lower back.

Its waterfall edge on the seat is made to decrease stress on the legs. This microfiber chair would keep you away from any sort of torment and raise your focus on work. This one is well designed for office tasks. And it would easily fit with conventional desks.

Its heavy-duty base is able to tolerate any pressure and impact easily.


Padded Body:

This chair’s dense layered body pillows offer cushioned pleasure. Your back as well as the whole body would find a soft and smooth feeling. Though you work for hours your spine will remain painless.

Waterfall Seat Edge:

It’s designed to cut down pressure on the leg and assist circulation. It decreases exhaustion and raises focus. Working for countless hours would be pleasurable.

EZ-Reach control arm:

There is a control arm under the chair that can adjust the height up to 3.3/4 inches. It is very handy and easy to control. Every member of your home would be benefited from this adjustability. You can use the same knob to recline the backrest.

Cushioned Headrest:

To get day-long assistance and comfort, a pillowed headrest is a must. A pillow adds extra comfort in your boring period. After working for hours in a row, this pillow can give you some pleasure. It also provides extra neck support.

Cushioned armrests:

There are hand-designed upholstered armrests for your highest comfort. These soft padded armrests are ready to make your busy day blissful.

Smooth Rolling Wheels:

Its dual-wheel casters offer facile access to your working places. These wheels are pretty sturdy and durable. On the carpet, these wheels work smoothly without drawing scratches.


Material: Textile 


  1. Beige
  2. Black
  3. Brown
  4. Grey

Brand: Serta 

Style: Fabric 

Item weight: 34.5 pounds

Weight capacity: 250 pounds 

Suggested location: Indoor

Product Type: Executive chair


Length: 28.75 inches 

Width: 24.75 inches

Height: 44 inches 

Depth: 28.75 inches 

Back height: 26.5 inches 


  • Width: 18.5 inches
  • Height:21.75 inches(Max), 18 inches (Min)
  • Depth: 19.5 inches

Arm height: 29.75 inches(Max), 26 inches (Min)


  • Contoured lumbar offers extraordinary support.
  • Sculpted soft padded armrests give additional comfort.
  • Layered body pillows give some pleasure during exhaustion.
  • The waterfall designed edge of the seat reduces pressure on the back part of your body.
  • It has 360-degree casters for every type of floor.
  • Reaching the control arm is very handy and easy.
  • Its ingredients made it super comfortable.


  • Armrests are not adjustable.
  • Not a good option for shorter folks.

Who should buy this chair: 

This chair comes with numerous adjustment facilities as people can customize it according to their place and wish. Actually, this one is made for the office room.

And obviously, it is perfect for the office but you won’t disappoint if you take this one for your house. Gamers may also find a pleasant position in this chair.

Steelcase Leap Chair – Best Office Chair for Piriformis Syndrome and Butt pain

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair ergonomic office chair for back pain

This Steelcase leap chair is a decent one that fits your body properly. You don’t need to adjust your body, rather, the chair will adjust itself to your posture nicely. Its S-shaped back is made to provide a natural grip to your back.

Here, you will get a tremendous LiveBack technology that supports your movements and assists your spine to find the perfect posture. You can spend your whole day comfortably in this chair. Its adjustable armrests also reduce stress on your arms.

It is the number one selling chair of Steelcase. It was certified for healthful technologies. It is a decent option to keep your spine, arms, lower back, and muscles healthy.


Adjustable armrests:

The armrests of the Steelcase Leap Chair move up and down, pivot out and in and change forth and back. Ensuring constant support of your arms, these armrests can keep you in comfort posture for the day.

Back support:

Its upholstered back comes with LiveBack technology that can provide natural support to your every posture. Its S-shaped backrest keeps you back in a neutral position. Your back and spinal pain wouldn’t be boosted up with this technology.

Reclining method:

You can recline comfortably with this back. During reclining, your higher spine goes backward, and your lower spine comes forward. This reclining opportunity motivates various postures that reduce pressure during your lengthy tasking.

Comfortable seat:

This premium comfortable seat offers day-long support. As usual, it is a height-adjustable seat.

But the unique feature of this piece is that its Natural Glide function permits the seat to glide forth as you can lean without giving up your comfort zone to see and reach your tasks. The seat cushion is designed to ensure the utmost comfortability to your body.

Fit for your body:

Everyone’s body shape is not the same. All of our bodies are unique. You should take a chair that can fit and adjust you. From that perspective, this leap chair is great with its adjustable functions. This is very supportive of your work and can fit you nicely.



  1. Black
  2. Buzz2 Alpine Fabric
  3. Blue Fabric
  4. Cyan Fabric
  5. Grey Fabric
  6. Sable Fabric
  7. Camel/Black
  8. Cogent
  9. Connect Coconut
  10. Graphite
  11. Nickel
  12. Navy/Black

Item weight: 48 pounds

Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Material: Textile


Height: 43.5 inches

Width: 27 inches

Length: 24.75 inches


  • Depth– 15.75-18.75 inches
  • Height– 15.5-20.5 inches
  • Width– 19.25 inches

Arms height to the floor: 22-31 inches

Backrest: Width: 18 inches

Height from seat: 25 inches


  • Certified for Scs indoor advantage.
  • Natural glide function.
  • Number one selling chair of Steelcase.
  • LiveBack technology offers more comfortability to your back.
  • Fitted to your posture.
  • Maximum adjustability for a better sitting experience.
  • This product is durable enough.


  • The seating surface is very hard with its less cushioning

Who should buy this chair 

Its many healthful technologies made it perfect for almost everyone. A chair’s major parts are back and seat, and here both of them are well designed to cut down your spinal pain and pressure.

This can be a perfect company for your office work. If you play games for hours, this will be a good option for you. Some reviews proved that this is not a bad option for older guys.

Furmax Office Chair

Furmax Office chair with Mid Back Swivel and Lumbar Support

This Furmax office chair looks very simple and lightweight. Though it looks simple, it comes with numerous lucrative features. Its features can turn your busy day into an enjoyable one.

The chair comes with unusual lumbar support. Some may find enough support from that mesh lumbar support, and some can’t. Healthy folks will not be benefited that much. This support can be helpful for smaller guys.

Its soft padded seat and mesh back will give you an extraordinary comfort feeling. For this reason, your working day will be more pleasant. Its tilt rocking system would also be helpful when you will go for different tasks. Its base is sturdy enough.

Let’s pay a look at its features in detail with the pros and cons.


Adjustable seat height:

Here, you can lift and down the sitting height of the chair with the given handle under the seat. In different desks, you will meet the perfect position through this feature.

Thick padded seat:

To spend a peaceful office time, we all need a comfortable seat to get enough pleasure. In this regard, no seat can be compared to a thick padded seat. Its softness and longevity can give us extraordinary comfort.

Mesh lumbar support:

This lightweight chair has come with mesh lumbar support. Lumbar support is essential when you think of working for a long period.

This facility assists your spine to find the perfect posture. And its mesh back ensures enough breathability. This is a perfect arrangement to keep your spinal pain away.

Tilt method:

You can lean the backrest back about 130°. This tilting mechanism is adjustable. You can adjust it according to your will by the knob that is provided under the chair. Any time in any task tilt method is undoubtedly helpful.

Heavy-duty base and swivel mechanism:

The chair’s 5-star heavy-duty base is very sturdy and durable. You can swivel its wheels up to 360°, and can roam with this chair smoothly. These wheels won’t draw any scratch on your floor.


Material: Mesh, PU casters

Brand: Furmax

Style: Modern

Type: Office chair


  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Cyan
  4. Green
  5. Grey
  6. Orange
  7. Pink
  8. Purple
  9. White

Weight capacity: 265 lbs

Product weight: 23.6 pounds


Length: 23.2 inches

Width: 11 inches

Height: 22.8 inches

Assembled Depth: 19.7 inches

Height of the armrests from the floor: 29 inches

From floor to the padded seat: 21 inches


  • Enough sturdy and defendable.
  • Its wing-type back offers more comfort.
  • Comes with a soft cushion.
  • Perfect one in this segment.
  • The seat is loaded with high-density sponges.
  • Quality mesh support makes its back breathable.
  • You can spend countless hours on it with your different postures.
  • You will get various colors.


  • No adjustable armrests with this chair.
  • Some purchasers raised questions about its cheap materials. 

Who should buy this chair:

Before buying this chair, the thing you must keep in mind is that the armrests of this chair are not adjustable. Otherwise, this is not bad at all. If you are not that larger and healthy, then this one is not a bad option for you.

Its mesh lumbar support is good enough. This one was designed for the office, but you won’t be disappointed if you pick this one for your home. 

Padded chair for piriformis syndrome: Serta Air Health and Wellness chair

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair office chair for short heavy person

Serta has been providing a great quality product with style for so long. This product is also worth the money. Its extraordinary features made it special in this segment.

Here you will get a very new supportive feature named AIR lumbar. This feature wouldn’t boost your back pain up. Its soft and elegant leather increases its durability.

This chair has the ability to make your workday more pleasurable. Its padded headrest might reduce your tiredness a bit. A deeply layered body pillow can offer you an excellent sitting experience.

Its various adjustment facilities offer you an amazing taste in different tasks.


Air lumbar technology:

This chair comes with strong lumbar support that pushes you to the comfort zone. It offers super assistance and improves your posture to get your daily task done comfortably.

This technology provides support to your lower back and reduces the possibility of back pain.

Padded armrests:

This Serta chair contains padded armrests. You will get a more soft grip with these arms. This feature may give some pleasure during typing. These armrests offer you a pleasurable posture.

Height adjustment:

Folks of any size would get this feature helpful. Here a pneumatic gas lift customizes the height of the seat. You can set it with an easy flick to the lever. In different sizes of desks, this feature will prove itself.

Recline mechanism:

While you are bored of working, then this facility will give you some pleasure. It offers you to lean back comfortably. This feature will reduce exhaustion for hours.

360° swivel:

Its dual-wheel casters offer decent mobility on the surface. Here you can swivel for 360 degrees. You can get your job done easily.

Pleasurable and professional:

Its dense-layered body pillows can provide you a comfortable feeling. A high headrest is added to this chair to cut down your tiredness. A spongy seat and mesh back raise breathability in the chair.



  1. Black
  2. Light Gray
  3. Cream
  4. Bonded Leather Black

Material: Leather 

Brand: Serta 

Style: Contemporary 

Item weight: 38.9 pounds 

Weight capacity: 250 pounds 

Finish types: Faux Leather 

Form factor: Upholstered


Length: 29.75 inches 

Width: 25.75 inches 

Height: 42.75 inches 


  • Width– 19 inches
  • Height– 23.25 inches
  • Depth– 19.5 inches

Back height: 28.5 inches

Arms height: 29.25 inches


  • Decent, comfortable, and durable.
  • Good one for agile folks.
  • Perforated zones offer more breathability.
  • Well-padded armrests for maximum comfort.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Perfectly designed backrest offers a good posture.
  • Stylish mesh and leather.
  • Arms are hand-sculpted.


  • Armrests should be adjustable.
  • No foot ring in this Serta chair.

Who should buy this chair

This chair looks premium. And it also comes with numerous features like AIR lumbar technology, height adjustment facility, and reclining mechanism, and so on.

Its whole body is deeply layered with pillows to provide you the maximum comfortability. So if you want a stylish chair with decent performance then you can go for it. And obviously, officials may find better comfort in this chair during office time.

What to Consider When Buying Chair for Piriformis Syndrome: (Buying guide

You shouldn’t pick a traditional chair for your piriformis syndrome. As you are suffering from piriformis syndrome, so you must buy a chair that wouldn’t increase your pain.

You will find a huge collection of chairs in the online market. Among these chairs, you might get confused to grab the perfect one for you. 

While buying chairs online, you should check some essential functions that are beneficial for your disorders. So, now I will mention a few features that you should consider before buying a chair for piriformis syndrome. 

Lumbar support:

This feature is very essential for those who are suffering from spinal or lower back pain. The lumbar part adds some extra support to the lower back and reduces pressure on the buttocks.

Working for hours with lumbar support is much easier. Your piriformis syndrome wouldn’t be increased with this support. 

Firm seat:

If you want to keep your piriformis syndrome in control, you should go for a chair with a firm seat. A seat that wouldn’t be sunk with you, not even slightly. Even it will be better if you get a firmer seat.

Because a firm seat can support the lower spine and hip joint accurately. On the other hand, a softer seat may seem more comfortable to you, but that is not enough healthful.

Supportive backrest:

Choosing a perfect backrest is a must. The S-shaped backrest is well designed to reduce pressure on your back as well as the lower spine. It is made according to the natural curve of your back. Again, the tilt rocking facility in the backrest is also helpful.

After working for long hours, this will help you to take a rest.

Waterfall edge:

A seat with a waterfall edge is much healthier as physicians said. This feature would reduce pressure on your buttocks and legs. Sitting for hours would be blissful with this feature. 

Adjustable armrests:

To reduce your piriformis syndrome, you have to take a perfect position on the chair. From that perspective, adjustable armrests are essential that will help you fix your perfect zone on the chair.

The adjustable arms will offer you the perfect posture in every task and reduce pressure on the arms too. 

Adjustable seat height:

A chair with adjustable seat height would be beneficial to you. To adjust your preferable posture on the chair, this function is a must.

If you can adjust the seat height according to your pleasurable position, then your spinal pain wouldn’t be boosted up. And you will also find this feature helpful in different tasks. 

Related FAQs 

How should I sit to avoid piriformis syndrome?

People who work for hours consecutively may suffer from piriformis syndrome. It is an obstacle to your daily work. To avoid piriformis syndrome, first, you have to adjust your sitting position as it increases by certain sitting postures. Then follow the following steps:

  1. Sit straight on the chair with both of your feet firm on the ground.
  2. Sit on a firm seat instead of a cozy one. But, you can use an ergonomic seat cushion to reduce extra pressure. 
  3. Try to abstain from twisting your body while lifting.
  4. Try not to sit for a long period in a single position as that creates more pressure on the buttocks. That means you should take frequent breaks if you don’t want to increase your piriformis syndrome.

What is the fastest way to fix piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is not the biggest problem at all. If you follow some paths, it will not be tough to get rid of the pain.

The very first thing you have to do is find out the cause of the syndrome. Then stop doing the activities that increase your pain. Next:

  • Take rest, use warm or ice packs to alleviate syndromes. 
  • Massage the hurting area.
  • Stretch, walk around as well as follow some other exercises according to the suggestions of the physician or therapist to decrease sciatic nerve appeasement.

Nowadays, Osteopathic manipulative treatment is used to help reduce pain and raise the motion range.

Can sitting cause piriformis syndrome?

There are many activities like an accident, falling, climbing stairs, walking, and running that may cause piriformis syndrome. But the main thing that causes piriformis syndrome most is sitting for a long period. 

And physicians identified mainly two potential causes for piriformis syndrome, and sitting for a long period is one of them. 

Sitting may cause strictness of the muscles. Certain sitting postures can increase your piriformis syndrome, so you should adjust your sitting position on the chair and take a chair which backrest supports your lower body most.

Bottom Line:

So here it is. All of our listed chairs are well designed for people with piriformis syndrome. We have tried our level best to provide you all the related information. Hope you got it helpful and now are able to choose the best one for you, and that’s our pleasure.



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