Can you paint a gaming chair? (Explained for beginners)

To play games on a computer, any gamer needs a comfortable, stylish, and chromatic gaming chair to achieve the desired score. If it is not that, it will cause discomfort during the operation.

Furthermore, professional gamers not only use high-style gaming chairs for comfort, but they also desire a cool and chromatic look to their gaming setup. 

There are lots of gaming chairs available with different designs and different prices. Now, how do those chairs look so chromatic and stylish?  Those chairs look chromatic or stylish because of the high-quality materials and various colors of the durable branded painting. 

If you want to give your old chair a stylish or new look, you can also do it by yourself because the paint can be painted by anyone.  It will be easy to do if there are some requirements to keep in mind.

Today we will talk about how to paint a gaming chair on your own. If you are also interested in painting your chair, this article is for you. I hope it will help you, so let’s dig into the article.

Can you paint a gaming chair?

Can You Paint A Gaming Chair

Yeah, you can paint a gaming chair. Now you may be thinking, is it easy to do or not? Don’t worry; it’s quite easy to paint a gaming chair if you keep some effective procedures in mind.

Such as the materials, the leather of the chair, suitable paint for leather, reupholster before painting, etc. Firstly, check the condition of the leather to see whether it is suitable for painting.

Then you must choose a suitable brand of acrylic leather paint for your chair, keeping in mind that it should be water-resistant when dry.

If those requirements apply accurately to a chair, then it looks chromatic, which any gamer wants to do.

What kinds of paint are used in a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are typically made of leather with a metal base. To paint gaming chairs, acrylic leather paint and fabric paint are commonly used. There are various types and brands of paint you can find on the market. 

While painting a gaming chair, you need to choose a brand of paint that will suit your chair’s materials, stick properly, and last a long time.

For leather, the best-recommended paints are Angelus Lilac Acrylic Leather, Dixie belle paint, Angelus Satin Acrylic Finisher, etc.

If you want to use spray paint, the Flexible Fabric Paint, Dupli. color, and Krylon Color Master, TRG color spray are the best spray paints. 

After painting, will your gaming chair ruin its look?

No, not at all. There are different types of paints specifically made for painting gaming chairs, office chairs, and other furniture. So, there is no risk of them ruining the appearance of the furniture or gaming chair.

However, if you use the wrong color for your gaming chairs, such as one that does not match the material or one that is not well-branded, it can ruin the look of the chair.

There are several types of Acrylic Leather Paint available, all of which are vibrant in color.  If you are more elegant, it will not ruin your appearance.

After painting the gaming chair will it lose the quality?

Gaming chairs are painted to give them a new look while also restoring the old ones. Different colors are used on different kinds of chairs made from different materials. Acrylic leather paint is most commonly used on leather chairs because it is very flexible and less likely to crack over time.

There is also a TRG color spray paint for leather that is flake-free, will not rub off, and gives the chair a natural look. There are also various types of paint for metal or mesh chairs.

The paints are used to paint gaming chairs that are specially made to be used on particular materials. All colors are created with the safety of the chair’s material in mind. So there is not much possibility of the chair losing its quality by using those colors. 

How often can you paint a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are painted with acrylic leather colors or spray colors. Acrylic color becomes water-resistant after drying, and it becomes more difficult to remove it from leather. Similarly, in the case of spray color, it is not easy to remove the color.

If you want to repaint your chair by removing the previous color, you may end up compromising the material’s quality. To avoid damage, you’ll most likely have to paint over the previous color.

The outcome may be unsatisfactory because repainting over the paint will not give the chair the desired design or color, and you can only paint the chair 2-3 times with this technique.

Can you paint a gaming chair with general paint?

Most of the gaming chairs are made of high-quality PU leather, and all types of paint are not suitable for the leather. General paints are not made for leather and they will not seal properly on the leather

 As a result, if you use general paint on your leather gaming chair, it will peel off sooner or later.

Moreover, general paint can also harm the leather and damage your chair’s quality. So, you should choose acrylic paint in place of general paint which is specifically made for painting leather. 

How to paint/ recolor a gaming chair (DIY)?

To paint on a gaming chair, you need some equipment to paint leather. Such as acetone, cotton pad or rag, paper, flat or foam brush, leather paint, and leather finisher. Let’s know what this equipment does?


To clean the upper part of the leather or which part you want to paint.

Cotton pad or rag

To use acetone, you need a cotton pad or rag.


To wrap the part of the chair which you don’t want to paint.

Leather paint

Most essential equipment, which is described above and is made especially for painting leather.

Leather finisher

To seal and protect your painted leather, you have to use it.

Flat or foam brush

For paint and finisher, you need a brush.

Now it is painting time. There are a few steps below about how to paint:

  1. First of all, separate those parts of the chair, which you won’t paint or don’t trouble to paint.
  2. Then, take your acetone or cotton pad or rag to wipe down all the areas where you paint. You should do this because the paint sticks and lasts. And do it until there is no sticky residue.
  3. After wiping down, dry the surface in 15 – 30 minutes. 
  4. Then cover the area with paper or tap.
  5. Now it’s time to paint. Take leather paint and cover all the areas with a brush carefully. After painting, dry it for 15-30 minutes.
  6. After that, you should use leather finisher and vinyl on the surface after finishing the painting.
  7. Repeat that, until the leather is fully covered. Then dry it in 24 hours.

Best paint for painting a gaming chair 

You can find a lot of paint for painting a gaming chair but all the colors are not suitable for gaming chairs. To give a chromatic and stylish look to a gaming chair, you need the best quality branded color. 

We have listed some best quality paints that you can use for painting your gaming chair.  

Angelus lilac acrylic leather paint

Angelus lilac acrylic paint is the best leather paint made by the USA company, Angelus. Angelus provides a lot of color variation. The quality of this acrylic paint is very rich and it makes painting easier on any material.

In short, the quality of the Angelus lilac acrylic paints: 

  1. Non-toxic color.
  2. Water-based acrylic paint.
  3. Excellent for leatherwork such as sports shoes,  jackets,  boots, and leather purses. 
  4. Includes a brush on the inner cap.
  5. Won’t peel or crack.
  6. Acrylic skin standard paint. 

Angelus Satin Acrylic Finisher

The Angelus Satin Acrylic Finisher is also manufactured by the Angelus brand. It is a high-gloss satin finish liquid color for special features in leather. This acrylic finisher is used after painting to give the leather or the product a high gloss satin finish. 

Furthermore, it also helps to protect the paint and leather from minor scratches and scrapes. The other qualities of this finisher are:  

  1. Water-based clean-up with soap and water.
  2. High-speed production
  3. Easy to apply with a sponge, rag, sheep’s wool, and spray gun.
  4. It is a water-resistant product; it will not rub off when it’s dry.

Rejuvenate Leather Cleaner

Rejuvenate Leather Cleaner is a liquid leather cleaner, manufactured by the brand Rejuvenate. It is used to clean leather furniture, sofas, car leathers, and vinyl decking.

It is very helpful for removing dirt, oils, sweat, and grime for leather restoration and helps restore the shine to patio furniture. 

The short and simple specificities of Rejuvenate Leather Cleaner:

  1. Liquid spray cleaner.
  2. Non-toxic and residue-free cleaner.  
  3. Wipeable with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Suitable for leather and vinyl.

Do you need to reupholster the gaming chair before painting?

For painting smoothly, a flat and smooth surface is essential, no matter wherever it is. So, when it comes to painting a gaming chair, the chair should also have a smooth surface. If the leather of the chair peels off or is damaged, the paint will not seal properly.

You can’t paint it properly because it is not easy to paint on the peeling of leather. The peel-off portions will disrupt your painting flow and the chair does not look chromatic when it’s painted.

Therefore, you need to fix your chair or reupholster it with good faux leather for painting with acrylic.

How much does it cost to reupholster a gaming chair?

To reupholster leather chairs, you need well-finished and durable leather. The cost of a piece of leather depends on those two things: how the supplier treats it and what finishes are applied to the final product.

Approximately, leather costs between $40 and $250 per yard. On average, it costs $800 to $2000.

Another thing to consider is that labor will cost between $50 and $100 per hour on average. The charge will be more or less according to the complexity of the project.

Can you use spray paint for painting a gaming chair?

Yeah, you can easily paint a gaming chair with spray paint, but only those spray paints that are specifically made for leather and vinyl. Normal spray paints are not suitable for leather.

As a result, using regular spray paint on your leather chair can ruin or damage the quality of your chair.

Here, we recommend some high-quality spray paints that are ideal for leather gaming chairs. The names of these spray paints include Rustoleum Leather Spray Paint, Colorbond Leather Paint, MB Brillo Colour Spray Dye, TRG Color Spray, etc.

How to use spray paint on a gaming chair?

To spray paint, you need alcohol, a large cloth, and leather spray paint. There are a few steps to follow:

  1. Take a large cloth to protect the ground from over spray. Then put the parts which you paint on the cloth.
  2. Before painting, you should wipe down the surface with mineral spirits or alcohol. This removes the dust and prevents cracking.
  3. Now, take the leather spray paint that you prefer. You will want to pick a vinyl or specific spray paint, which helps to prevent rubbing off, cracking, and peeling. Before spraying, shake the spray can to mix the paint. When you spray, hold the can 10 – 12 inches up from the painting surface.
  4. You can do many light layers rather than a few thick layers. Take 5-10 minutes of dry time between each layer. Once you complete the last layer, let it dry and wide off any excess paint which was not absorbed.

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Final Verdict:

In sum, it can be said that all equipment is at hand, that work will be done easily and perfectly. There is no complexity, easy procedure to do. One thing you should keep in mind is that the paint you will use should be branded. 

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