Are Gaming Chairs Gimmicks Or They Worth It? (17 Facts To Know)

Gaming chairs are made to support consumers all day. They are good from some perspectives. And some people have a passion for it. 

Some features and functions of them are really healthful. But gaming chairs are not for every task and everyone.

So in this article, we will be answering the most asked questions about gaming chairs. So let’s check whether they are gimmicks and are they worth the price?

Are gaming chairs really a gimmick?

In total, the majority of the gaming chairs are not gimmicks that come from popular and well-known brands. They always try to provide some extra features like comfortability, reclining, headrest, leg rest, etc.

The cohesion increases the value of their chair. But on the other hand, there are some brands that are not well known all over the world tries to tricks their consumer to increase their sell.

Why are gaming chairs so attractive? 

It is nothing to neglect that gaming chairs attract people the most. The gaming chair looks much cooler than other chairs. Design is the key thing of their attraction. And it brings many healthful features that other chairs don’t. 

comfortable gaming chair in desk setup

Gaming chair provides better posture and support during working. And if someone becomes used to it, their posture will meet improvement.

Gaming chairs are actually designed for providing you more healthful hours on them, so almost everyone will get it helpful.

Does gaming chair’s attractive design Is for any advertisement purpose? 

Basically, every advertisement has three objectives: to inform, to remind, and to persuade. So there is also an advertisement purpose. They overpitched their chairs in the advertisements.

Some features are exaggerated in the advertisements.  And some people fall in love with chairs only after observing advertisements. So there are also some advertisements purposes.

Does gaming chair advertisement provide any value?

To communicate with customers, advertising is the best way. The advertisement provides Information and pros to the consumers. And after observing advertisements customers get to know whether the chair is for them or not.

Advertisements present things so nicely that can attract people easily. People from every corner know about the product only through advertisements.

Do gaming chair brands do any tricks to buy their chair? 

Almost every brand follows tricks and techniques to buy their chair. Brands present provided features exaggeratedly and they escape the lacings cunningly.

Their advertisements and campaigns are so well planned that make someone forget about the escaped things. So one should be careful before buying a chair and should check all the pros and cons diligently. Otherwise, you can be fooled.

Note: At the end of the article, we provided the 5 best gaming chairs which are highest sold on Amazon and most popular among the buyers. So, don’t forget to check them.

overview of most trusted gaming chair & their highest sold model

GTRACING Gaming ChairCORSAIR WW T1 Gaming ChairNoblechairs Epic Gaming ChairBraZen Puma Gaming ChairCougar Armor One Gaming Chair
Weight capacity300lbs264.51lbs265lbs330lbs265.55lbs
Net weight48lbs53lbs60lbs33lbs46.30lbs
height48.82″- 51.97″37.4″55.12″46.85″56″
MaterialPolyurethanePolyurethaneSteelFaux LeatherTextile
ArmMultifunctional4D4DPadded seatAdjustable
SeatThick paddedsteel frame seatAdjustablePadded armErgonomic
Backpaddedsteel frame backAdjustablePadded backErgonomic
Lumbar SupportComfortablesupportivesupportiveAdjustableErgonomic
Recline function90-170 degree180 degree135 degree180 degree
Warranty2 years2 years
Buying OptionsCheck the storeCheck the storeCheck the storeCheck the storeCheck the store

Do all gaming chair brands honest about their advertising?

How much a chair will be sold that depends a bit on the advertising. All brands advertise their product for informing people about the product. Every brand doesn’t present its product properly in advertisements. 

quality assurance of a chair

Some brands follow some tricks and techniques to avoid their lackings. And they are not properly honest about their advertising. Their advertisements are made to make people fool.

But all the brands are not cunning, some remain honest during advertising their products. They present what they have. They don’t try to make people mindless. Dx Racer, Brazen, CorsAir, and Noble Chair are honest about their advertising. And that’s why they gained popularity among the customers.

Should you believe gaming chair advertisements? 

Advertisement is the best way to make people buy the product. To sell the product, producers follow some strategy in the advertisements.

They make advertisements that can amaze people. And they use celebrities to promote the product. But most of the celebrities don’t even use the product, they just promote it for the money. 

We shouldn’t decide between buying chairs only after seeing or hearing an advertisement. You should observe the pros and cons of the product properly.

promising hands for chairs brand

Advertisements always don’t present things properly, their strategy makes people goofy. They do it only for earning money.

So before buying a product we shouldn’t depend on advertisements rather we should observe all the things regarding the product through trustworthy sources.

Note: We’ve selected the 5 best chairs among 1700+ gaming chairs from amazon, Walmart, and best buy. We can assure you that those chairs will fulfill every aspect of comfortability. They are listed at the bottom of the article.

Are gaming chairs overrated? 

Gaming chairs have a demand and prestige among the buyers. The exaggerated look of some gaming chairs creates hype that is not actually worthy.

But most popular brands provide high-quality gaming chairs that are not overrated. Those brands give the value of consumers money and their physical condition. So they try to keep the chair comfortable as high as possible and long enough to be usable.

In short, most of the gaming chairs which are produced by popular brands in the market are not overrated. They are worth the value.

Are gaming chairs actually good?

Actually gaming chairs offer better posture to the human body. Your working and gaming experience becomes enjoyable with its better sitting posture.

They support the body so nicely that someone can forget he is sitting on a chair. Working or gaming hours become comfortable. 

Spending more hours with the computer is enjoyable with it. They  show the path of sitting properly on a chair. And they are good for the back compared to cheaper office chairs.

Extra features of a gaming chair add more comfort feel undoubtedly.

Is gaming chair a scam & conspiracy?

Not all gaming chairs are scams. There are also some actually good products. And not every brand makes a conspiracy to sell their product. If you wanna buy a gaming chair after knowing all the pros and cons then you will find the better one.

Nothing to escape that some fraudulent brands make scams and conspiracy. On the other hand, very few brands are well known for quality products and we will discuss them later.

Is there any reason to avoid gaming chairs?

The design and look of a gaming chair are undoubtedly eye-catching. Their outfit could easily catch the attention of any buyers. The functions and mechanisms of them are top-notch. Gaming chairs can fully fill the expectations of consumers properly.

But, using cheap gaming chairs, some buyers face problems with its bucket seat design. The side bolsters of the chair are not very comfortable. And fewer dimensions and weight capacity made itself less durable.

Basic tilt functions and cheap materials are deal-breaker for the gaming chair. So there’s a strong reason to avoid cheap gaming chairs.

What is so special about a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs don’t emphasize looks but also functions. The features are not the same as ordinary ones. Special functions made gaming perfect for someone. 

One of the most special things about gaming is its adjustable functions. It provides backrest reclining, seat height adjustment, armrest adjustment, and 360-degree swivel option. The adjustment functions made the gaming chair definitely special. 

Ergonomic neck pillow and well-padded seat also made the gaming chair extraordinary. And they are designed to support your body for hours, so it can be said that they wouldn’t raise your back or lumbar pain. If you can find one with looks and needy features then you will get special feedback from it. 

Are gaming chairs worth the price or a waste of money?

Actually, gaming chairs are not for everyone. Everybody wouldn’t be satisfied after buying a chair. Because the features and functions of them are not suitable for everyone’s tasks.

If you spend many hours on computing and wanna get a perfect chair with gorgeous looks then a gaming chair is for you. Then it will be worth your money. It offers a different sitting experience though It’s healthful.

The posture on the gaming chair remains perfectly. And if you wanna back support then we must say it is worth the price.

Are cheap gaming chairs good? 

Actually, no cheap thing is perfect in this world. If you have less budget for a gaming chair then you have to consider some facts. You have to expect less. 

Materials and leather are not durable in a cheap chair. You wouldn’t meet all the necessary functions and provided functions could be made of cheap materials. After using it for a few years you’ll notice some negative changes in a cheap gaming chair. Those who spend countless hours on a chair, shouldn’t go for a cheaper one. 

Can you seat all day on a gaming chair? 

Sitting all day in a gaming chair is a common thing. The materials are equipped in it to support all day. Its backrest, armrest, and height are adjustable to provide support day long in different positions. 

It doesn’t increase your back or other pain. Posture in the gaming chair gets proper treatment. Thick padded seats and leather are well supported in it. If you wanna spend all day in a chair then a gaming chair is suitable for you. 

How long does a gaming chair last?

The lasting period of them almost depends on the brand and product itself. And the period of the warranty provides us a concept about their durability. User reviews and real-world testing also provide us some ideas. 

How long a gaming chair lasts, basically depends on how you are using it. Students and part-time gamers who spend just a few hours on a chair will get a much more lasting period. Even they could get more years than the warranty. On the other hand hardcore gamer, writer, designer,  and programmer who spend numerous hours on the chair may get less lasting period. 

If you spend more to get one made of the best materials then feedback will also be the best. But getting one with cheap materials will not last more. So it also depends on your budget and choice too.

How much should you spend on a gaming chair? 

Actually, a gaming chair doesn’t cost that much. And there is a lot of variation according to the cost. It depends on how much you wanna get feedback from or, you have to pay more for a quality one. 

The price of most gaming chairs is around $200 to $400. And if you want you will find under $100 with cheap materials. Spending more than $500 for a chair is not an unwise decision, because you’ll get top-notch performance. 

An average user should spend $200 to $350. And if someone has less budget and gives more priority to looks then you can spend less than $200 if you want. And to get high-end features and performance you have to spend more than $350. 

Now we will be discussing the most sold five chairs from some renowned brands. These chairs are definitely worth the money. If possible buying these chairs would be the wisest decision. Let’s have a look at these chairs. 

Some popular gaming chair brands & their most sold model

1. GTRACING gaming chair

This is the most sold chair of Dx Racer. This chair brings quality materials and useful features. The material of its leather is Faux. It provides lumbar and headrest support. And you can customize the armrests.

The seat is well padded to support all day. Its ergonomic design provides a healthful, neutral posture to reduce pain and pressure. The height of this chair is adjustable. The ergonomic metal frame made this one sturdy and durable.

You can recline its back to 170 degrees. This one is a package of amazing functions. And the weight of this chair is just 50 lbs.

2. WW T1 gaming chair of CorsAir 

WW T1 is the most selling one of CorsAir. Its lightweight look and supportive features made itself perfect. The back and seat frame of this chair is made from steel. The armrests of this chair offer 4D movement, you can adjust them according to your wish. 

Height adjustable function is available in this chair. You can recline it until 180°. The weight of this product is 53 pounds. Caster wheels provide smooth mobility on the floor. This chair is able to support you all day.

3. Epic gaming chair of Noble Chair 

The premium outfit of this chair can attract any customer easily. The maximum weight capacity of this Faux leather chair is 265 pounds. The frame material of this chair is alloy steel.

Its removable pillow provides fine back and head support. You can recline this backrest to 135 degrees. Its 4D armrests offer super comfort all day.

Its height adjustment function is useful for any size people and work. Its premium design and amazing features made it the most sold product of Noble Chair.

4. Puma red pc gaming chair of Brazen

This chair looks really cool. Its seat is highly padded to support your buttocks. The head and armrests of this chair are adjustable. You can swivel up to 360° with this chair.

Its materials are actually durable. One can adjust its height according to their size and desk. The head, seat, and armrests are deeply padded to provide extract support.

Its weight capacity is 150 kilograms and it weighs only 15.6 kilograms. This chair comes with 2 years warranty period.

5. Armor one gaming chair of Cougar 

This chair comes with the perfect look that every gaming chair should have. Its textile material is really amazing. This lightweight chair has a max weight capacity of 120 kilograms.

Its high back has come with a pillow and lumbar support to provide comfort all day. Its PVC leather offers more comfort. You can recline this chair up to 180 degrees.

Its armrests are adjustable. And you can customize its height according to your will. Its base is much sturdy to offer a more durable period.

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Last words

We hope these answers gave you an in-depth idea about the pros and cons of gaming chairs. And we decorated our questions list according to the demand of customers. So we hope it would be helpful to you. And the suggested chairs are best gaming chairs in the market. You can easily pick any one of them and it’ll be the perfect chair for you.


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