Are Gaming Chairs Overrated & Overpriced? (Explained For Beginners)

Gaming chairs are designed to provide extra support and comfort. The features of gaming chairs allow you to place your body healthfully in the chair. You can find them in the various segments. 

You will be able to grab a gaming chair from any budget. But if you can spend more you will find more quality features in it. The functions that a gaming chair brings wouldn’t be found in a traditional or office chair. It offers you a better and healthy posture for your wellbeing. 

Your spinal or back pain wouldn’t be boosted up with a gaming chair. It is a great company when you spend the day on computing. And nothing but a gaming chair can assist you in your work and gaming properly. You may have some queries regarding gaming chairs and in this article, we will try to solve them. We decorated our content according to the demand of the most customers. So we hope it will be helpful to you. 

Are gaming chairs really overrated? 

Gaming chairs aren’t like traditional ones. They come with some extraordinary features and facilities which most of the chairs don’t possess. The features and function are equipped in a healthful way for the user’s utmost comfort. 

Gaming chairs are designed to support people who spend countless hours on the chair. If you are a gamer or an official who spends hours consecutively on work then it’s okay for you. But average officials and other people might find it unhealthy. 

Gaming chairs are not overrated at all. People with some spine and back pain would be happy to spend time with a gaming chair. Its lumbar, neck and reclining functions are supportive. But typical students and officials should check some other options for the appropriate experience. 

Are gaming chairs really overpriced?  

Gaming chairs try to provide value for money. Gaming chairs bring more features than a conventional chair. They cost comparatively more as they offer more functions and quality materials. 

It wouldn’t be fair if you compare an as usual chair with a gaming one. As they both are different regarding performance. The materials of gaming chairs are undoubtedly very healthful and durable. 

Gaming chairs offer more adjustable functions for the great comfortability of the user. And this is why they cost so much. Though it seems gaming chairs are overpriced but if we think about the performance then it’s obviously okay. 

Are gaming chairs a ripoff?

Gaming chairs have been well popular among consumers for their support and performance. But somebody gets it harmful. Before going for a gaming chair you have to think of your work first. You have to match it with your tasking whether it suits you or not. You shouldn’t go for a gaming chair only after observing its features. 

If you spend numerous hours on a computer and have some spinal or other body pain then it’s for you.

List of some popular gaming chair brands 

There are a lot of gaming chair brands in the market. But they all don’t provide value. Now I will mention some renowned gaming chair brands.

BrandModelPrice RangeBest Pick
DXRacer12$$ – $$$Check their best chair
AKRacing11$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Vitesse29$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Ohaho18$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Respawn14$$ – $$$Check their best chair
puluomis15$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Rimiking5$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Secretlab$$ – $$$
Vertagear41$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Noblechairs38$$ – $$$Check their best chair
GT Racing32$$ – $$$Check their best chair
Cougar5$$ – $$$Check their best chair

Do gaming chairs provide any value?  

All of these gaming chair brands are well known for their quality performance. These brands try to provide things that are a must need for a consumer. They have accepted appreciation from different types of users. 

These brands don’t provide value only for gamers. Students get them helpful during the study and they support their posture properly. The office-going folks who spend hours on computing also praised these chairs. And these brands have tried to fulfill the demands of users since the beginning. 

You can sit properly on these. And they increase your posture. They don’t allow any sort of pain. You can take a rest on these easily. Gamers will benefit much from these chairs. The design of these chairs is made to support a guy for a day. And none but a gamer would benefit more than others. 

Why should you get a gaming chair?  

Definitely gaming chairs improve posture. And they offer some extra features which are healthful for day-long tasking as well as gaming. Some gaming chairs are so well furnished that they don’t boost up your spinal or back pain, rather they place your spine and back in a healthy way. 

Nowadays people face difficulties with their posture and gaming chairs could be an appropriate remedy for them. People face torment when they work day long with a normal chair. But they can go for a gaming one for better company. 

If you compute all day and wanna keep yourself in better posture then a gaming chair is good for you. And obviously, gamers should go for it for their ultimate support. A better gaming chair wouldn’t increase your pain rather it shows the path to a healthful posture. 

Is a gaming chair’s price expensive?  

Though gaming chairs seem expensive the provided materials are sturdy and more durable than regular chairs. The design of the seat and back are specialized in a gaming chair. And the backrest offers some extra functions including a reclining feature that a regular chair doesn’t possess. 

The padding system of gaming is thicker than an office chair. Most of the gaming chairs come with 4D armrests for comfortable computing. The base of a gaming chair is strong and durable too. So considering these things the gaming chairs are not that expensive as here you are getting some extra functions and materials. 

How much should you pay for a gaming chair?  

Every product has variations regarding its price. No exception for a gaming chair. Here you will get feedback according to your spending. 

Basically, most of the gaming chairs range from 200$ to – 400$. It depends on the functions and quality you want. If you want you will get a chair for under 100$ too. 

If you have a maximum budget and want the best one, you can spend more than 500$ and see a top-notch performance. 200$-300$ is a mid-budget for a gaming chair and in this segment, you will find the chair with essential features for your day-long support. Spending less than 200$ on a gaming chair would not be a wise jump as the materials will not be durable and it wouldn’t offer you all the necessary features. 

Are gaming chairs really worth it or a waste of money?  

Gaming chairs are not for everyone. People from every sector wouldn’t get it helpful. Gaming chair for those who spend hours on the computer consecutively. If they get a perfect gaming chair then obviously they are worth it. 

If you want the best comfort then a gaming chair is excellent and you should go for it. And the lumbar support of a gaming chair is not like an ordinary one. The back and seat are well optimized in a gaming chair. And the look of the gaming chair is eye-catching. Considering these facts, I must say they are worth it. 

Should you buy an expensive or cheap gaming chair?  

An expensive gaming chair would cost more than $350. On the other hand, a cheap one may cost less than $200. Both chairs will offer you good posture, healthful sitting, and ergonomic qualities. 

But differences come in the materials of the chair. An expensive gaming chair will offer you high-quality upholstery, great quality padding, advanced adjustability in armrests and height and you might find here footrest and reclining features. 

The cheap gaming chair basically uses faux leather of lower grade. These leather are not that breathable or soft. And you may not find footrest and reclining functions in a cheaper one. And the adjustable features would be average in quality. 

If you have the budget then I suggest you go for an expensive one. The performance of that one will satisfy you. And a cheaper one is not that bad. If your budget is low then you should be satisfied with a lower one. 

How long does a gaming chair last?  

The lasting period of a product depends on itself. Depends on the product you are going for. As every product doesn’t come with the same materials and ingredients. 

The best one from the gaming chair might last up to 5 years. And the better one can support you for 2 or 3 years. It depends on how you are using it and the quality of the chair’s materials. So, you don’t need to be tense with this matter. Go for a good one and use it properly. Hope it will satisfy you. 

Some popular gaming chairs in reasonable price

Now we will be describing some popular gaming chairs at a reasonable price. If you are a buyer with a low budget but want a top-notch gaming chair then these will be helpful for you. 

1. RESPAWN gaming chair 

This bonded gaming chair looks gorgeous. This race car-style chair offers you great comfort and luxury. This chair is equipped with an adjustable footrest where you can place your foot comfortably. Its armrests are well padded to provide great assistance to your arms. 

Here you will find an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. These pillows are excellent company for people with back and neck pain. You can rock its backrest up to 155° from 90°. This addition is pretty supportive when you need some rest. 

360° swivel provides you dynamic roaming. There is a 275 lbs weight capacity in this chair. That is quite passable. Its high-density foam can offer you some enjoyable working or gaming hours. Its base is pretty stable and sturdy that can carry you for years. 

2. OHAHO gaming chair 

This OHAHO gaming chair comes with all the necessary features. Which an ideal gaming chair should have. Its ergonomic body design is appropriate for gaming, studying, and working. High density thicker sponge offers you comfortable working hours. A mute PU wheel could protect your floor from scratching. 

Its metal frame made itself superbly sturdy. Its heavy-duty base makes its structure super stable. The height adjustment feature offers an option to customize according to your comfort. 

You can adjust its multi-functional backrest up to 180° that is helpful when you need some snap and rest. The armrests of this chair are vertically adjustable. This one offers you 360° swiveling. Here you will find a retractable footrest too. And extra lumbar and neck pillows will remain in the box of this chair. 

3. VITESSE gaming chair 

Its look and design are strange. You may never have seen a gaming chair like this one. After seeing it for the first time, anybody would recognize it as a sofa.  

This chair also offers some user-friendly features. The leather of this chair is waterproof which you can clean easily. You can sit comfortably on its high-density thicker sponge. Its foot and backrest are adjustable which can be customized up to 180 degrees. That is perfect for gaming, napping and watching tv, etc. 

Its headrest and lumbar support will provide you a great comfortability during computing. The frame system of this chair is sturdy enough. The maximum capacity of this chair is 300 lbs. That can carry a guy nicely. 

4. RIMIKING gaming chair 

High-quality materials were used during manufacturing this chair. Its high-density foam is more comfortable. And its thick steel frame is extra stable and sturdy. 

Its ergonomic design offers a healthy sitting experience. The thick padded seat and back are well optimized to support you all day. Its adjustable armrests and height are pretty supportive for a gamer.   360 degrees swivel base, smooth rollers will provide an amazing experience. 

You can recline this chair from 90-155°. You can get your computer games and works done comfortably with this chair. Not only gaming but also, working, studying, watching tv will be enjoyable with the RIMKING gaming chair. 

5. Puluomis gaming chair 

This is a special one for adult people. Its well-padded back and seat are well optimized that can keep you away from back pain. This professional racing chair has a lumbar pillow and headrest that you can adjust as you want.

Its thicker armrests can receive your arms warmly though they are not adjustable. Metal frame and high-density foam made itself ultra-comfortable and durable for aged people. There is a footrest in this chair too that can provide space for your legs when you need it. 

The height adjustment function offers you an ultimate match with any desk. Its base is pretty durable and stable. It has a 360° swivel and a safer 160° backward movement.

And the weight capacity of this chair is 330 lbs. That’s huge. You can gift this chair to your parents and kids as it is designed for them. And obviously, all-aged people can use this one nicely. 

Last words

All the listed chairs are great in the lower segment. They can make your day comfortable. And through the whole content, we tried to solve your most asked queries. If you find it helpful then it’s our actual pleasure.

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