How Does Chair Height Adjustment Work? [Maximize Productivity and Comfort]

We spend a lot of time sitting down; in fact, the average person spends 9 hours per day sitting! That’s why it’s so important to have a comfortable chair that is properly adjusted to your height.

Luckily, most office chairs these days come with some form of height adjustment. Let’s take a look at how chair height adjustment works and how you can adjust your chair for maximum productivity and comfort.

How Does Chair Height Adjustment Work?

Chairs with adjustable height are key to comfortable ergonomic seating and can increase productivity by up to 8%. There are several ways to adjust the height of your chair, depending on the type of mechanism used.

The simplest way to adjust the height of your chair is by using a pneumatic lever; press down and hold the lever while adjusting the seat up or down as desired. Some chairs also have a knob that can be turned to raise or lower the seat.

To move more complex mechanisms, place your feet flat on the floor and slide them forward until you reach the correct height. Sit in the chair, push down with your hands on either side of it, and maneuver into perfect comfort.

Gas lifts work by using a pneumatic cylinder filled with pressurized air or nitrogen; they can raise and lower the seat up to 6 inches within seconds.

Lever systems generally support heavier user weights than other mechanisms (up to 330 pounds!), while being able to adjust the resistance based on how much force is being applied when lowering or raising the seat.


No matter what type of chair you have, proper ergonomics are key to maintaining comfort and productivity throughout the day. If you find yourself slouching or fidgeting in your chair, take a few minutes to adjust the height until you find a position that feels comfortable and supports good posture. Your back will thank you!

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