What Chair Does Faze Jev Use? Is It Good? (Details Review)

Jason Eugene, better known as Jev, is an American YouTube gamer, known for his call of duty, Game series and snipping. He is also an important member of a professional e-sports team called the “Faze Klan”. He is best known for making various comedy videos, comments, vents and rages.

He used to spend at least 4-5 hours making videos for his ‘YouTube’ channel. He started his YouTube channel on 17th October, 2009. His YouTube channel has 2.2k+ videos, the first of which was on 7th January, 2012 which commented on a modern Warfare 3 gameplay and has 4.89 million subscribers.

Besides, he has other social media platforms. He also has a large number of fans there. He has 1.5 million followers on Twitter, 264k followers on Twitch and 500k on his Instagram account.

Today, in this article we will discuss about the chair he uses. So, let’s come to the article.

Here’s the chair JEV using

Faze Jev currently using DXRacer Office Gaming Chair which is highly ergonomic.

popular Dxracer Racing Series chair

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair

Top Features:

  • Classic design, adjustable lumbar Support
  • Flexible seat back with adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 3D Adjustable armrests
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Specifications of DXRacer Office Gaming Chair

Base Type 5-star Inlaid Color Bar Base 
Mechanism Type Conventional Tilt
DesignErgonomic Design
Item weight49 Pounds
Lifting capacity200 lbs

Why Jev choose DXRacer chair?

Faze Jev is a professional American YouTube gamer. Not only that, he is involved in making various videos on YouTube. To make YouTube videos, he has to spend all day sitting in front of the PC or computer.

To spend a long time, he needs a chair that will keep his body relaxed and comfortable at work. DXRacer Office Gaming Chair is the first and original brand of modern gaming chairs. It provides comfort to the body for a long time.

 It helps to keep the body relaxed by relieving work stress. Moreover, this chair has full mobility for the users to work in the gaming, office or home. That’s why, Faze Jev chose the chair for himself.

Why DXRacer chair is special to Jev?

Born in 2001, the DXRacer is the first major brand of modern gaming chairs. It has a 360-degree swivel base with a smooth double caster wheel, 3D adjustable arm grates, PU-casters, a Tilt mechanism, a 135-degree reclining backrest, and High-density mold-shaped foam as well as maximum durability. It is capable of providing maximum comfort from the neck to the waist.

That’s why the chair is special because of the above-advanced quality features.

Is DXRacer a good brand?

The DXRacer is known as the most affordable PC or gaming chair. This formula series offers a premium seating experience at an entry level price. It is suitable for fitting metal frames, 2 “PU-casters, and hard mesh material that beats for many years with 5’8” tall and weighs up to 200lbs.

quality assurance of a chair

If you are looking for a dexterizer chair for work as well as maximum durability then this brand is a really good brand choice for you.

Features of a DXRacer chair

Material, Base and Frame

The DXRacer Office Gaming Chair is made of high-density mold-shaped foam with hard mesh material including PU cover and has a Tubular steel frame with a double castor wheel and nylon starbase.

Built quality

The chair is made with tilt mechanism, 5’8” tall and can fit small to medium sizes up to 200lbs weight. This can cause the front of the seat to tilt down or down. This ensures proper posture, reduces excess pressure on the lower back and keeps blood flow to the legs and feet active.


The DXRacer Office Gaming Chair is designed to provide gamers with a fully adjustable arm and maximum comfort. 360 Degree Swivel Base and a sturdy metal five-point base with a gas spring allowing it to adapt to different body heights to better suit the needs of your computer or office desk.


The chair has a gel cushion seat with non-slip cover, which is highly flexible and replaceable. This chair is Seat Size: 14.5”W(Front) × 12.5”W(Back) × 17.75”D, Maximum Seat Height: 16.5”and Minimum Seat Height: 21”

Spinal support

The chair is easily adjustable, has arrangements to keep your spine straight behind you and support your body to move freely while relieving any pain in your body. This will feel the support from the pelvis to the neck for the whole of the back column of your spine.


This Gaming chair has an adjustable headrest, which helps to protect you from neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain which are some of the common problems related to using it for long term work.

 Lumber support

This chair is designed to give you the greatest lumber support. The lumber support chair allows you to sit up straight, reducing the pressure on your lower back and preventing your muscles from overtaking on their own. 

Rocking mechanism

The DXRacer Office Gaming Chair has a multi-functional tilt mechanism with two featured levers. A single lever allows you to set a range from 0 and 15 degrees. If the lever is released, the seat returns to its previous upright position.


The chair has a 3D adjustable armrest. Though it is unable to move right/left but it still allows you adjustment by height, forwards/backwards and by sideway angle. 


The DXRacer Chair is completely breathable. This chair is made of Tubular steel frame and rigid mesh material to provide maximum comfort. Mesh material standard this chair is more breathable than its imitators, which means less body sweat and more body heat.


The chair provides positional flexibility for 135 degree reclining backrest, lumber support, headrest and armrest. Also a Gel cushion means your body will not sink into the seat. It helps to prevent laziness or other imbalance in posture.

This super flexible chair helps relive back pain while working long hours.


This chair has a 3D armrest adjustable that allows you to adjust the height according to the top, front to back and side angles. They are impeccably smooth, quite and edgy providing the mobility you need for every action.


The chair is designed with 360-degree swivel base adjustable angle with smooth double caster wheels for easy rolling. This will move your pelvis slightly forward, from front to back which will promote a healthy sitting posture in favor of your spine.

Comfort and Ergonomic

This chair gives you maximum comfort and adjustment due to its Ergonomic design. It supports 200lbs with a Tilt mechanism and 3-way adjustment angle to help your body adjust to any sitting posture and provide you super comfort to work long hours.

Multiple sizes

The Chair comes in six sizes. DXRacer Chair size consists of the basic dimensions of various series sold by the company(source DXRacer). The sizes are 50 inches, 52 inches, 54.5 inches, 55 inches, 58.4 inches, 56 inches. 

Color variety

The chair is available in different colors. The colors are pure black, red, green, blue, orange, white, pink and cool gray.

Less Sweat

The chair has a metal frame and solid mesh material designed with high-density mold-shaped foam. So that you don’t get a sweat on your back even if you sit for a long time.


This chair is easily fully customizable. Tubular steel frame, Seat cushion, adjustable chair height, armrest and can be easily customized. So, you can change any part of the chair and customize it to your liking.

Easy shifting

This chair is easy shifting. Because there is a double castor small wheel attached to the bottom of the chair. This helps to move the chair easily from one place to another.


The chair is suitable for small to medium sized fit up to 5’8” tall and weighting 200 lbs and it has fully adjustable arm support for the body.

Overall Measurement of Jev’s DXRacer chair

Seat height16.5”-21”
Seat Size15″W(Front) x 12″W (Back) x 19″D
Armrest’s height11″-14″
Caster wheel’s size2”
Number of caster wheels5 Pieces
Backrest Height32.25”
Back Angle:135°
Tilt angle3~17°
Armrest Pad Size9.8″L x 3.5″W

Pros & Cons of Jev’s Chair


  1. Super comfortable, sturdy, and stable.
  2. Adjustable lumbar support.
  3. High-density mold-shaped foam.
  4. High padded backrest.
  5. Good for long playing sessions.
  6. Free returns within 30days.


  1. The seat is very quite stiff.
  2. The Armrest is made of hard plastic.

Benefits of DXRacer chair

The chair has many benefits. This chair gives you the best gaming experience and the desired comfort for playing advanced games while keeping your body fit. It Helps to sit comfortably for more than 8 hours by providing the most lumber support and keeping the blood flow active.

It also relieves stress on your muscles especially in the back spine and neck area. Moreover, this chair is not only good for just gaming, it can be used in your office comfortably. 

Will you feel comfortable using this DXRacer chair?

Is It comfortable Funny image

Usually we spend time behind work all day. Working in a chair for a long time can cause various problems in our body and can cause extra stress on the body. Headrest and back support are needed to relax the body and reduce excess body pressure.

 Attached to this chair are a headrest and a 135 degree reclining backrest that relaxes the neck and head. Also, because the seat of the chair is very flexible, you can enjoy the comfort of sitting all day. So, I think you will feel very comfortable using this chair.

How much does a DXRacer chair cost?

The price of this chair of different sizes and colors is also different. Basically the price of this chair is around $294.59 – $299.99.

How long is the warranty on a DXRacer chair?

The DXRacer Office Gaming Chair model offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and the inner metal frame of the seat, as well as a 2-year warranty for all attached parts. If there is any problem in the chair with 2 years or 24 months warranty, they provide free service.

Can you customize Jev’s chair?

This chair is easily fully customizable. You can adjust any part of the chair to your preference. The chair is Tubular steel frame, rigid mesh of the chair, adjustable chair height, seat and armrest customized according to your body type and your own choice.

How long does jev’s (DXRacer) chair last?

How long the gaming chair will last depends on the material included in the chair and its use. In this case, if the part-time gamers sit in the gaming chair for only a few hours every day, the chair lasts longer than it’s warranty. Premium brands gaming chairs usually last for 1-5 years.

Basically, this gaming chair lasts for a minimum of 2 years.

Is DXRacer chair worth buying?

If you are looking for a comfortable option and long-term investment: Yes, it is worth it. High quality gaming chairs are not cheap. The price of a DXRacer Office Gaming chair is limited compared to other office or gaming chairs.

Considering your comfort, you can be sure that this gaming chair is suitable for your time and money. This gaming chair is definitely worth it if you want great waist support and optimal comfort.

Is DXRacer chair good for gaming?

This gaming chair from DXRacer is an ideal choice for professional gamers looking to enhance their gaming skills, with helpful and comfortable chairs. The adjustable headrest included in the chair helps keep the spine and back slightly relaxed and leaning backward. The armrest can be pushed forward or outward to give the arms of the body comfort and flexibility.

 Moreover, the chair is very quite good and convenient for gaming as the seat is covered by high-density mold-shaped foam.

Is jev’s DXRacer chair good for work?

For working all day long, we need a chair that will keep our body healthy as well as provide comfort at work. In that case, DXRacer is one of the good quality comfortable gaming chairs.

Though it was basically launched as a gaming chair, it’s also very comfortable for office work or other long periods of sitting at work. It has a 135-degree reclining backrest so you can push back and forth whenever you can want.  You can sit in this chair all day and work quite comfortably.

Should you buy jev’s DXRacer chair?

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair is very good quality and flexible chair for gaming or long time work. This chair features with almost everything a high-quality or comfortable chair should have. I would recommend purchasing it because of all of its excellent features and quality.

Moreover, the company offers you 2 years of warranty for all attached parts and free service within the warranty period.

Where can you buy it?

There are various online shopping websites that sell a wide variety of things including high-quality gaming chairs and office chairs. For example: Amazon.com, rakuten.co.jp, ebay.com, aliExpress.com, walmart.com  etc. This chair is sold at different prices in these popular e-commerce shopping sites.

 Among these shopping websites, Amazon is a very popular online shopping site. You can buy it at a reasonable price on this online website.

Is DXRacer chair well packaged?

One of the most popular brands is the DXRacer Office Gaming chair. It has 135-degree reclining backrest, flexible seat, a Tubular steel frame, adjustable lumbar support, spinal support, Conventional Tilt Mechanism, 2 “PU-casters, Inlaid color bar base, 3D adjustable armrest and Headrest. On the above features, it must be definitely well-packaged chair.

What will be included in the box?

The seat of this chair is covered by gel cushions. Comfortable padded seat cushions can be included by changing the gel cushions. Because Padded seat cushions are ideal for extra comfort.

 The chair also has a rigid mesh material. This rigid material can also be changed to include softer material.

Our feet also need comfort and rest while working for long periods of time, but there is no footrest/legrest in this chair. So, I think a legrest will be included in the box.

Do any other streamers use this Jev’s DXRacer chair?

Yes, many more YouTubers and Online gamers use the DXRacer office gaming chair more than any other gaming chair. Streamers and YouTubers are using this chair for more than a quarter (26.8%).

Alternative of Jev chair

1.     Dowinx Gaming Chair

The best alternative to Faze Jev’s DXRacer Office Gaming Chair is the Dowinx Gaming Chair. Because this chair has the same features and quality as the DXRacer Office Gaming Chair. Usually, it is an ergonomic retro-style chair.

 It has 10 inches high quality thick rubber foam, 350 pound capacity, chain armrests, 360 degree swivel and smooth racing caster wheel, 20 degree feet rest padding design, footrest padding design, backrest, head pillow and lumber pillow.

2.     FERGHANA Video Gaming Chair

Another chair used by Faze Jev is the FERGHANA Video Gaming Chair. It is a very luxurious and comfortable chair. It has high density mold shaped foam sponge, 300 pound capacity, 360 degree Swivel design, 100mm seat height adjust, Two lumbar Cushion, 90 to 160 degree Reclining backrest, Retractable Footrest, 3D spine support, head pillow and lumber pillow.

Previously used chair by Jev

1. Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

 Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair is one of the previously used chairs by Jev. This Ergonomic chair is very quite comfortable. The chair has a high density foam padding, Maximum capacity 500lbs, 360 degree Swivel design, soft seat cushions, adjustable backrest, large headrest, padded armrest and Tilt function.

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Bottom Line

A comfortable chair is very important for sitting comfortably for a long time and working nicely. Prolonged sitting can cause various problems and pain in our body. In addition, it puts extra pressure on the back, neck and spine.

You need to buy a high quality comfortable chair to keep the body healthy by relieving various problems and excess pressure.


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