KSI Chair: What Chair Does He Use? (Should You Buy It)

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji Jr. is an English singer, rapper, YouTuber, and boxer. He is mainly well known online for his music, professional boxing, and challenges with the Sidemen. 

KSi started his first Youtube channel “JideJunior” in April 2008 during his early teenage years where he has 109,000 subscribers now. On the same day, he posted his first video about a school project he worked on with his friend Patrick. After that, he started uploading vlog-style content, rap, and gaming videos.

On July 24, 2009, KSI created his official YouTube channel where he only uploaded his gaming videos of playing FIFA and Modern Warfare 2. The official channel has 13.4M subscribers at this time.

KSI is also an actor, was the lead in the movie “Laid in America” released in 2016, and has also done a documentary called ‘Can’t Lose’. He has also written three books, has done 6 music projects, and signed with RBC Records, under BMG Rights Management.

Today we are going to talk about the chair KSI uses. If you are interested in KSI, you can check this out.

Here’s the chair KSI using

KSI now using GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair that is fully adjustable and ultra-durable.

Although he uses GT Omega pro racing chair, in some videos we also see him to use another chair and the chair is SIDEMEN Pro Edition 

Specifications of KSI GT omega pro racing gaming chair

MaterialSynthetic Leather 
Base TypeSteel and Aluminium
Model OC-F003
ManufacturerGT Omega Racing
Mechanism Type Tilt Lock
DesignErgonomic and Orthopedic
Product Dimensions27.56 x 26.77 x 51.97 inches
Warranty3 years
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
Assembly Requiredyes

Why did KSI choose the GT omega chair?

KSI is involved in many professions, but mainly he is a professional YouTuber, gamer, and singer. He must spend the entire day sitting in front of a computer to create his content, compose his music, or streaming. So, he required a comfortable chair that will relieve his long-term sitting pressure, support his full body and help him to work comfortably.

The GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair is an excellent choice in this case. Because the chair is made to meet all gamer requirements. It is orthopedically designed to provide extra support, and the chair is fully adjustable to provide comfort in any sitting position.

Why is GT omega chair special?

The chair is special because of its building structure and other equipped mechanisms. This chair is made for gamers. So, it is designed to meet all the needs of a gamer and it is designed for all body types.

The chair is made with a steel tubing framework and an aluminum starbase, which makes the chair more durable and it can support more than 120kg. Moreover, the chair has height adjustability, 4d adjustable armrest, height-adjustable gas-spring cylinder, and 85-190 degree recline that provide maximum comfort. 

 Is GT omega a good brand?

GT Omega is a UK-based brand that specializes in gaming chairs and other accessories for a better experience in the gaming world.

This brand provides more stylish gaming chairs with maximum comfort. Their chair won Best Gaming Chair at the T3 Awards 2020, so you can say it’s a good brand. 

Also, their chair is designed ergonomically and orthopedically to provide extreme comfort and support your full body during long-term sitting.

They use steel base, synthetic covering, foam cushion, lumbar and neck cushion, and many more adjustability that offer a premium experience to the users. 

Features of KSI’s GT omega chair

Material, base, and frame:

The chair is made of synthetic leather material, an aluminum 5-star base, and a steel tubing frame.

Build Quality:

The chair is made with a Tilt-locking mechanism which helps to move the front part of the seat up and down as per your requirement.


The chair is designed to assist you at work and give you extra comfort. With a deep side ‘body-hug’ back and shoulder design, this chair offers incredible support.


The seat is made of PVC cold cure molded foam. This cure molded foam seat reduces air and maintains a stable shape.

Spinal Support:

The chair can be adjusted to fit the curve of the spine according to the height of the body. The pelvis of your spine is tilted forward and straight at the back.


The chair has a headrest. It’s included with the chair for extra comfort and works support.

Lumbar support:

The chair is packed with a lumbar support cushion which gives your back arch the perfect shape to support and adjust the body.

Rocking mechanism:

This chair has a tilt lock and a tilt control mechanism that allows you to lean back and lean slightly with a great degree of movement.


The chair has a 4D adjustable armrest. It helps you find the right position to sit comfortably by adjusting the front/back, right/left, or side corners.


The chair is completely breathable. This chair is made of cylindrical steel pipe and has strong PVC material which ensures maximum comfort for a long time.


The chair provides 85-190 degrees reclining adjustment, headrest pillow, and positional flexibility for armrests. It has a 360-degree rotation speed which is capable of providing maximum flexibility.


This chair is a 4D armrest adjustable that gives you the mobility you need for each action by adjusting from front to back, side to side, and top.


The chair is designed with smooth double caster wheels for easy rolling with a 360-degree aluminum star base adjustable angle so you can adjust your body properly.

Comfort and Ergonomic:

The chair is designed ergonomically and orthopedically. It helps in long-term work comfort and adjusting the body to any sitting posture.

Multiple sizes:

The chair is only available in one size. Its maximum size is 131c.m. 

Color variety:

The chair is available in different colors. The colors are black, purple, blue, green, orange, red, and white.

Less Sweat:

This chair is made of synthetic leather material and a steel pipe frame which will not make your back sweat even if you sit for a long time.


This chair is customizable. You can customize any part of the chair to your liking.

Easy shifting:

The chair is designed with a smooth double caster wheel. It helps easy transfer that allows you to move from one place to another place very easily.


This chair is an average size build for different-sized body types. Different body sizes provide maximum comfort, support and are designed to make you comfortable.

Overall Measurement of GT omega pro racing gaming chair

Backrest Height35.82”
Backrest width22.83”
seat width26.77”
Armrest pad size10.62”
Adjustable angle85-190 Degree
Lifting capacity120kg
Item weight24kg
Number of caster wheels5
Caster wheel’s size2”

Pros & Cons of GT omega pro racing gaming chair


  • Durable, sturdy and comfortable
  • Solid with synthetic leather material
  • 4D adjustable armrest.
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar pillow.
  • Easy to move casters.


  • Limited warranty.

Benefits of using KSI’s GT omega pro racing gaming chair

The chair has many benefits. It keeps your body fit. Adjust the arms. Keeps blood flow active and relieves excess stress on the neck. Reduces mental stress. Helps to relieve back pain.

 Adjusts your body according to your height. Not only that, the chair is for gaming and helps to work while sitting comfortably.

Will you feel comfortable using KSI’s chair?

Working in a chair for long periods not only puts extra strain on the body, but it can also cause various problems in our body. Headrest and back support are very important to reduce the extra pressure on the body. It has a headrest pillow that helps to relax the neck and head.

It also has a tilt mechanism that helps the chair to swing easily. It has a 360-degree rotation speed which gives maximum flexibility able to supply. So, I think the chair is super comfortable to use.

How much does the GT omega KSI version cost?

Prices are determined based on quality, materials, and good design. This chair is sold at different prices in different e-commerce stores. Its price at $179.83 on http://ebay.com, the price at $164.96 on http://Amazon.com, the price at $219.95 on http://gtomega.com.

How long is the warranty on the GT omega pro racing chair?

The chair offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for related products starting from the day of delivery. All other accessories are given a 1-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the purchase of the chair, the chair can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

Can you customize the KSI’s chair?

Yes, this chair is easily fully customizable. Steel pipe frame, lumbar support adjustable chair height, seat, and armrest you can customize any part of the chair according to your body type and your own choice.

How long does the chair last?

How long the gaming chair will last depends on the use. The GT Omega racing gaming chair is made of synthetic nylon fabric and PU leather. These components will not stretch or shrink even after several years.

 Moreover, it is layered on a steel frame, cold foam padding can retain its original shape for more years than the warranty period.

Is the GT omega pro racing gaming chair worth buying?

Yes, It is worth buying the chair. Good quality gaming chairs are not usually cheap. Made with high-grade synthetic leather materials that are too valuable overall.

It is capable of providing long-lasting sitting, body comfort, and many other benefits.

Is the GT Omega chair good for gaming?

GT Omega racing gaming chair is the ideal choice for assistants to enhance the gaming skills of professional gamers. The adjustable locking tilt mechanism provides comfort to the spine, neck, head, back, knees, and shoulder areas for each gamer. The adjustable headrest cushion included in the chair gives comfort to the back or head.

 This chair caters to the needs of any gamer and enhances gaming enjoyment. So, this chair is very good for gaming.

Is KSI’s GT omega pro racing chair good for work?

To work all day we need a chair that keeps our body healthy. The GT Omega Chair is a chair that keeps the body healthy as well as provides work comfort due to its ergonomic design. There is a reclining adjustment. It allows you to adjust the height according to your work needs. You can move it back and forth, side to side.

 You can work comfortably sitting in this chair all day. So, it can be said that it is quite good for work.

Should you buy GT Omega KSI’s edition?

This chair is very comfortable and of good quality. The tilt mechanism in the chair helps you to move around as you wish. An adjustable armrest helps to move the arms right-left, forward according to body height.

Includes headrest pillow and lumbar cushion pillow neck releases head and backpressure. You should buy the chair for all its great features and quality.

Where can you buy GT Omega pro racing chair?

There are various online shopping websites where good and high-quality racing gaming chairs are sold. For example Amazon, eBay, desert card, windows central, gtomega official site, etc. You can buy this chair from these websites.

Is GT omega well packaged?

One of the most popular brands is the GT Omega racing gaming chair. It has an aluminum 5-star base, synthetic leather material, PVC cold cure molded foam, 4D adjustable armrest, 4 Gas lift system, headrest pillow, lumbar pillow, 85-190 degrees reclining adjustment, and tilt mechanism. Based on the mentioned material, it can be said that this is a well-packaged chair.

What will be included in the box?

Something new can be added by changing different parts of this chair. The headrest pillow and lumbar support pillow can be removed, as some gamers may find them a little annoying. We also need comfort and rest on our feet when working long hours, but this chair has no footrest.

So footrest can be included. Also, padded seat cushions can be included for extra comfort.

Do any other streamers use the KSI GT omega chair?

DanTDM is a professional gamer in the UK and one of the most famous streamers of YouTube gamers who use this GT Omega racing gaming chair.

 Alternative of KSI Chair

Now let’s see what is the alternative is for the GT Omega pro racing gaming chair. Here is the list:

1. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Nokaxus gaming chair is a large-size high-back ergonomic racing chair. The chair is covered with high-quality PU leather and it features with massage and retractable footrest that provides the most lumbar support.

The high-density thicker sponge used in this chair will provide a comfortable cushioning experience.

Moreover, the chair has also 360 degrees of rotation, an adjustable massager waist pillow, head pillow, and soft adjustable handrails. 

2. PatioMage Gaming Chair 

The PatioMage gaming chair is designed with a strong metal frame and thick padded back and seat to provide an extra level of comfortable sitting. The chair is fully covered with durable and sturdy PU leather and the seat is made with high-quality sponge material. 

The chair has a 300Ibs weight capacity and it features a 90-180 degree recline, 360-degree swivel base, tilt lock mechanism, a padded footrest,  height, and armrest adjustability.

Previously used chair by Ksi

KSI previously used a chair from GT omega that is built with fabric.

GT Omega PRO Racing Fabric Gaming Chair

The GT Omega PRO Racing Fabric Gaming Chair is the previous chair used by KSI. The chair is designed with full adjustability and breathable material. It has more than 120kg weight lifting capacity and the steel tubing framework and aluminum star base make the chair more durable. 

The chair has a height-adjustable gas-spring cylinder, full height control and tilts tension mechanism, 85-190 degree adjustable recline, 4D adjustable armrest, a lumbar cushion, and a headrest pillow that provide more comfort while leaning back.

Some Interesting Information about 

  • The Sunday Times placed him second among the top 100 UK influencers.
  • He is also a member of the British YouTube group as the sidemen.
  • He dropped out of sixth form education to pursue his YouTube profession after earning a stable monthly income from his uploads.
  • The main YouTube channel of KSI is the second-most subscribed channel in the United Kingdom.

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