Buying A Secretlab Chair: Is It Worth The Price? (explain for beginners)

Chairs are a very important part of daily life. Specially for the people who have to spend most of the time sitting. It can be for working or another purpose. You may have to face Various problems from sitting for a long time. So you have to make sure that the chair you sit in is perfect for long sitting. Gaming chairs differ in skin, weight, height, adjustability, and so on. 

Since you came here, I am pretty sure that you also have a question: Is a secret lab chair worth it? We will look at how gaming chairs are made? and also see if gaming chairs can improve health?

The chairs will help you to sit in a comfortable position for a long time. Gaming chairs are the perfect option for long sitting. if you use your computer regularly and full time. You can use gaming chairs as office chairs too. 

Check out this article to find out the answers to your more questions.

Why is Secret Lab the best choice?

Since its inception, Secretlab Chairs have set new standards for gaming chairs. The Secret Lab chairs are made of top materials and components. They worked with scientists at science, technology, and research agencies, to test their upholstery durability and quality. 

When you buy a Secretlab chair, you will get quality results from long research and uninterrupted repetition. This chair is specifically designed to combat poor posture. The blend of our specially made cold-cure foam provides the perfect balance between firm and soft. They will give you the highest value at an affordable price.

So in short, a secret lab is the best choice because they use high quality material, build their chair based on posture (according to experts) and include top notch features.

ChairPrice RangeModelStore
Secretlab Chair$$ – $$$MultipleVisit from here

Is the Secretlab chair a good fit for You?

Secretlab chairs are highly customizable and feature wide compatibility. Secretlab chairs are designed to accommodate people of all sizes in height and weight.

So you can find this chair perfect for you.

The function of a secretlab chair

  • Full-length backrest recline adjustment
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Height adjustability
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • four directional armrest
  • Ergonomic head and lumbar support

What are the features of secretlab chair?


A chair needs to be comfortable enough to sustain and support for hours. Comfort depends on the quality of the padding of the chair. Our Secretlab chairs are padded with our signature high density, cold-cure foam, which provides pockets of air at cushions to reduce pressure on your back.


A chair is not just compatible with your building. We like to sit in different positions and Adjust seating positions differently throughout the day. The Secret Lab Chair is equipped with adjustable fitting features to fully support your seating position.

  • Backrest recline: You recline the backrest to get a comfortable position.
  • Height adjustability: This allows you to adjust the height.  Your feet can easily touch the floor, so you can get a comfortable position. This prevents your feet from dangling which can reduce the blood circulation in your lower body.
  • Tilt mechanism: This allows you to tilt your seat base backward and adjust your sitting position.
  • 4d armrest: You can adjust this armrest in 4 ways (up/down, forward/back, left/right, and diagonally). Strongly supports your elbows and forearms.


We all are built differently in terms of physical strength. You need a chair that fits you. So it is important to consider your size before buying a chair.  One size does not fit everyone so Secrelab brings to the market their models of different sizes. You can purchase the chair according to your height and weight.

  • Omega series: height:- 5’3” – 5’9”
  • Titan series: height:- 5’9” – 6’7” 
  • Titan xl series: height:- 5’11” – 6’10” 


The goal of ergonomics is to improve the workplace and the environment to reduce the risk of injury. An ergonomic chair allows you to fit according to your size. You can adjust the size as you wish. It has all adjustable features including armrest, backrest, seat position, headrest, the lumbar support.


This chair will be such an investment for your long-term comfort and healthy seating that will last for many years. Each of our chairs is rigorously tested for comfort and durability.  

Lumbar support

Proper lumbar support puts pressure on the muscles around the spine and helps to maintain the natural curve line. Lumbar support helps us sit in the right posture. 

The Secretlab chairs are equipped with a fully adjustable lumbar support system.  They make sure that their user’s lower backs are supported and comfortable at all times.

Omega series: it comes with a memory foam lumbar support pillow.

Titan and Titan XL: this model have depth-adjustable internal lumbar support


Secretlab chairs are designed with both faux leather and woven fabric. There are four fabrics and 31 leather designs. All types of upholstery have advantages.

  • Prime Pu leather: This luxurious leather is soft, odorless, flexible, and buttery. It has a blend of premium breathability that will stay cool during long periods of hot. This leather is attractive and easy to clean. 
  • Soft wave fabric:  Our fabrics are specially designed in the best combination of most durable, comfortable, and breathable. This fabric is suitable for any environment and gives you a cozy feel. 


Secretlab chairs come on the market with a 5-year warranty for the functional parts of the chair. With proper use and care, you can make the chair last longer.

However, if there is any defect or damage due to misuse, you will not get any warranty. 

How long does the secret lab chair last?

How long a gaming chair lasts depends on its quality and how it is used. A good-quality chair can last 5-10 years. Secretlab chair gives a 5-year warranty.

However, no warranty is applicable for any errors after misuse. So if you use this chair with proper care it can last a long time. 

Do the secretlab chairs get softer and break in?

Our research said that the chair cannot be broken down or softer. You will get the same experience from the chair as the first day even after one or two years.

But you have to take proper care of the chair and keep it clean.

The seats in the Secretlab chair do not soften easily. The seat of the chair is medium-firm to give the customer maximum comfort. Because the soft chair fails to give a soothing posture.

Benefits of using a secret lab chair

This brand is best not only for style and appearance but also as seats. You can benefit a lot from this gaming chair brand. 

First of all, their chair will correct your wrong sitting posture.

  • There are multi-adjustable functions to adjust the sitting posture.
  • it will reduce neck and back problems
  • improve blood circulation
  • Reduces fatigue and increases productivity.
  • It helps to sit comfortably.
  • The gaming chair is designed to support your lumbar area, neck, and back

Should you get Titan or Omega from secretlab brand? 

When you buy a Secretlab chair, you are investing in an award-winning sitting experience chair operated by R&D. The models are omega, titan, titan xl. All the chairs are built to support different sizes.

Our hand sizing calculator will help you see which one fits you based on your weight and height. I think you should have a model that is comfortable and suitable for you. 

The Secretlab Omega Chair is equipped with a full layer of cold cured foam to provide you long-term comfort and support. Its design is a good fit for those who like a more snug sitting.

It also has a multifunctional tilt mechanism.  Which can easily adapt to the preferred seating. Secretlab Titan is built for larger people.

It has a taller backrest and a wider and deeper seat base. This chair is suitable for those who are 130kg in weight and height is up to 200cm.

This chair has adjustable lumbar support, which allows you to easily adjust the depth support by turning the knob on the right side of the backrest. 

How much does a secretlab chair cost?

The price of the chair depends on its production. Since the product materials of each chair are different, there is a price difference. The price depends a lot on the leather and fabric. Secretlab chairs are made of good fabric. So these are more expensive. 

 However, in my opinion, even if the price is high, it is important to purchase a good quality suitable chair.

Secretlab chairs come at different prices like Secretlab omega price is s$464. The secret lab titan is s$514. secretlab titan XL is s$604. Prices totally depend on fabric, quality, features, and manual.

What is the cheapest secret lab chair?

The lowest chair of the Secretlab brand is the Secretlab Omega. Only in terms of price, it is considered the lowest chair. Don’t think it’s full of compromises because the price is low. It has all the features you need for a comfortable and personal fit.

Other Secretlab chairs cost more than that. This chair is basically for small-sized people. However, you will get enough space in the chair. It also has all the parts you need for a comfortable personal fit.

Its faux PU leather gives the Littlebest value. This chair is not suitable for tall people.

Is the Secretlab Chair worth buying?

This chair is worth it, because it gives you a flexible posture and offers a high customization chair. Moreover, other brands also do not provide 3 cover materials like Secretlab. You will get a 5 years warranty. Secretlab chairs are not only comfortable but stylish too.

We must admit that Secretlab has aggressive marketing from the start. In YouTube ads, it seems impossible to overlook chairs.  

Secretlab chairs are made in the original design. You can never say Secretlab Gaming Chair’s alternative comes from another chair. Its durability is good. They also sell chairs at a much lower price than standard in terms of price. It is also valuable in terms of appearance.

How much weight can secretlab chairs hold?

Secretlab models have brought models of different sizes to the market. Each chair’s height and weight capacity are different. 

  1. Secretary Omega: this model is perfect for those who want to expedite the sitting experience. The weight limit of this chair is 110kg or 240 lbs.
  2. Secretlab Titan: this model is for the largest people. The weight limit is 130kg or 290lbs
  3. Secretlab Titan XL: titan XL is the larger version of Secretlab titan. The weight limit of this chair is 100-180kg or 220-390lbs
Chair NameWeight Limit
Secretlab Omega240lbs
Secretlab Titan290lbs
Secretlab Titan XL390lbs

Most sold models of Secretlab chairs?

Secretlab Titan is one of the popular chairs of this brand. This is because it can support a large person with his high backrest.  Not just amazing features. The chair is the largest which gives you plenty of space to work. 

 This chair is obviously for bigger than average gamers. This extends the comfort to a more sophisticated level. This is the best gaming chair for most people. Thanks to the comfy and adjustable build.

How to take care of secret lab chair (to keep their value)

Secretlab chairs are durable. However, it needs proper care to stay well for a long time. Follow the instructions for using your chair. Improper use can cause damage to the chair as well as your injury. 

  • Avoid sweating on it: Everyday perspiration is harmful to the top layer of Pu leather. So wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth every day.
  • Keep it away from liquid: Any type of humidity is pernicious to the PU leather. 
  • Don’t sit on bare skin:  Direct contact with your skin decreases the protective coating of the PU leather over time.
  • Avoid using high heat products near it: High temperatures can affect the durability and color of the chair, as well as damage the top coating of Pu leather.
  • Keep away from pets: Your pet’s nails and teeth can damage the Pu leather and soft parts of the chair.

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Some Related FAQs

Is a soft chair good for long sitting? 

When we think of comfort, we feel the cushion that spreads our body like a cloud. Is it really good for you? 

 When you first sit in a soft chair you will feel great. However, a soft chair is not suitable for your health and prolonged sitting. Over time you will feel severe pain. However, the Secretlab chairs are engineered to be medium-firm, which gives you the ideal combination of comfort and support. 

Perseverance is usually associated with how comfortable a chair is. Comfort and support are not one thing. It is important to distinguish between them. Support means that your chair supports your spine and maintains a healthy posture. Even if the soft seat feels like a marshmallow, you will see that it will not feel good after a while.

Are all the gaming chairs the same? 

In a word, no. You can’t compare a gaming chair under $100 with a gaming chair over $500. You can get different things from each.

 Although there are similarities in some aspects, each gaming chair is decorated with its features. Every gaming chair comes in different shapes. Gaming chairs differ in materials, durability, softness, weight, height, adjustability, and so on.

A little better-quality chairs have a better chance of adjustability. However, all gaming chairs will support your whole body. And will help you get the right posture.

Can chairs be assembled before delivery? 

In a word, no. They do not ship pre-assembled products to ensure that the product does not damage during transport. However, an On-site assembly service is available in Singapore deliveries. 

To assemble your chair select assemble after delivery. It may incur additional costs for this. Our skilled technicians will assemble your order after supply.

What countries does Secretlab operate in? 

Secretlab ships it directly to customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Secretlab is also available in marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and Tokopedia in selected countries for more customer conveniences.

Encourage you to chair through the marketplace below to make sure you’ve got an authentic product or the best possible product. 

What languages is the Secretlab website available in? 

Secretlab websites are mainly in English. However, they support more different languages ​​for the convenience of international customers. Here is a list of languages ​​that can be viewed on their website,  

  1. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia- English
  2. European Union- English, France, German, Italian, Spanish. 
  3. Korea- Korean, English. 
  4. The Philippines- English (shopee and lazada) 
  5. Japan- Japanese
  6. Thailand- English (lazada) 
  7. Shopee (Thai)
  8. Indonesia- English (shopee) Bahasa (tokopedia)

That’s all for today. Before concluding the article, I would like to give a little advice. No matter how comfortable the chair is, sitting for too long can be detrimental to our health. be safe.