What chair does king gothalion use? (Everything you need to know)

We all know, gamers had to spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer. As a result, the sitting area has to be given more importance. Otherwise, it can cause various pains in our bodies.

There are many types of gaming chairs available in the market now. But we have to do a little research to get better. So we want to know what chair the pro gamers use! In this article, I will discuss the king’s gothalion chair. 

King Gothalion is a professional gamer. His real name is Cory Michael. He started streaming his gaming session as a hobby in 2013. Now, He is a streamer partnered on Facebook and based in Florida outside of Tampa, Land O’ Lakes.  

Since you are reading this article, you are definitely looking for a pro gamers Chair. Keep reading and you will get answers to all your questions about gaming chairs. so, Let’s crush this!

Here is the chair king gothalion using

king gothalion currently using an MCombo recliner chair with an ottoman 9019.

This modern MCombo recliner is designed according to human needs. So, different body types can make the reclining angle comfortable for consumers.

MCombo wants to create healthy, comfortable, relaxed, and energetic living spaces for families all over the world. 

This recliner has come to the market with some extraordinary features including swiveling base, comfortable tidy design, high-quality sponge, 140-degree recliner, and ottoman for extra storage or relaxing feet. 

In this review, we look for different aspects of this chair. specification, dimensions, features, pros, cons, and benefits of using it. 

Specifications of king gothalion’s Mcombo lounge chair

  • Color: black
  • Style: modern
  • Furniture base movement: swivel
  • Material: wood base, Metal frame
  • Surface material: PU leather
  • Fillings: high elastic foam
  • Height Recommended: 5’ – 6’
  • Adjustable: manual
  • Brand: MCombo
  • Form factor: recliner

Why did king gothalion choose it?

For professional gamers, choosing a high-quality chair full of body adjustment plays an overall role. That way they don’t have to end their gaming sessions too soon.

A high-quality chair helps stay healthy and alert. It helps to relieve back pain. 

A good gaming chair plays an important role in good gaming. The more you sit in the gaming chair, the better the body posture will be. So you will enjoy a better gaming experience. 

This chair is high-quality thick sponge padded, at the head, lumbar, armrest, back, and also in ottoman which ensures you long sitting comfort.  It helps to release your muscles and decrease the pressure on your back. Most importantly the looks and design are attractive.  

Why is king gothalion’s MCombo lounge chair special?

A chair becomes special in its various features. Because these features can solve many of your body and seating problems. Which is very important for those of us who have been sitting for a long time. 

The recliner with Ottoman style is designed for movement and variety. It enhances your comfort in all positions. Higher backrest to support the shoulder.

Most importantly high padded sponge reduces the pressure on your neck and back. It helps to release the muscle. A recliner supports you by encouraging good posture. 

When your hips are in the right place, you will be more focused on your work and will be able to finish work comfortably with time. It helps to distribute your body weight properly. This recliner is flexible so it allows you to move side to side while playing or working.

Is MCombo a good brand?

MCombo was founded in 2011 as an international trading company. MCombo has developed many catalogs of its own brand in the years of development.

A recliner is also one of their great makings. MCombo believes listening to the customer is the best way to create great products.

Bringing the most value to the customers is the main motto and foundation of this company. They pay more attention to customer reviews to increase the quality of their products.

That’s why they are able to make great products.

Since they value the customer’s comments the most and update the chairs accordingly, this brand of chairs will definitely be preferred by everyone.

Features of the Mcombo chair


The top part of this recliner chair is made of PU leather.  Now, this leather is much more popular. This leather is widely available worldwide, This is artificial leather. It does not absorb water which makes it easy to clean.

 Different colors and styles can be made with this leather. Its durability is good. This leather does not dry out easily. 

Base and frame

this is a wood base and metal frame recliner chair. This chair is constructed with a metal frame that makes it more durable and potent. Wood base increases its carrying capacity. It builds a 360-degree swivel base for flexibility.

Build quality

This recliner chair is made of a metal frame which makes it very strong. A high-quality wood base offers stability and support weight up to 330 lbs. It offers soft upholstery leather and ball-bearing swivel construction. 


A perfect chair is not only functional and useful, it should look beautiful. Recliner chairs can have a modern or an old-fashioned classic appearance.

This chair is also the best in terms of design. a streamlined wooden frame design makes it more attractive. 


This chair provides Ottoman convenience for sitting. It offers a very comfortable position if you can find the right angle to sit with the Ottoman.

The seat adjusts to the slightest movement of the body in a seamless manner. Ottomans for the comfort of your feet while relaxing.

Spinal support

Many people use recliner chairs to reduce back pain. This chair will fully support your spine. This will help you reduce the pressure on your spine and get the right seating.


An ergonomic chair comes with a headrest that prevents you from leaning forward, scrunching your shoulder, and relieves the pressure on your back. These chairs are designed to protect the back from injury and to ensure maximum comfort

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is very important to fill the gap between the seat and your lumbar spine. This will help you to promote good posture. This will help you to promote good posture. 

It supports the natural inner curve of the lower back. Lumbar support means the chair provides extra support to keep the lumbar spine attached to its natural curve.

Rocking mechanism

The recliner of this chair allows you to adjust the seat angle at 3 positions. You can put down the angle at 110-140 degrees. you can adjust your seat to your comfort.

 You can change the different positions while watching tv, gaming,  reading, or relaxing. 


The armrest in a chair is very important. it supports your elbows and arms.  armrest relieves the load on the neck, shoulder, and arm.

Armrest helps to guide both arms and hands in a relaxed position. It removes muscle tension. and correct the posture.  

Leg rest

This chair provides an ottoman which you can use for leg rest. The ottoman helps you to relax your leg while reclining. The ottoman is very comfortable if you find a good angle to sit. 


As we know the surface material of this chair is PU leather. PU leather is not real leather but it’s more breathable than other synthetic leather. This leather is not breathable as genuine leather. 


This chair is made with a 360-degree ball-bearing swivel for flexibility. You can move around with flexibility. It helps you to relax in the middle of long work.


The base of this chair is made of wood. There is no wheel under the chair. However, even without the wheel, it is possible to move because of the low weight.

As the weight of this chair is 46 pounds you have to take help to move it.  with a helper, you can easily move it. 


Below the right armrest of the chair is an adjustment knob that allows the chair to be easily controlled. This convenient handwheel can adjust the angle of the chair within 140 degrees.

With which you can easily find a comfortable position and relax.

Comfort and ergonomic

An ergonomic recliner is not only comfortable but also helps to fix your posture. The recline positions help you to release your stress while reading, gaming, or watching tv.

 It comes with an ottoman to relax your feet while reclining. In the updated version, This recliner chair is padded with an extra thick sponge for the head, back, armrest, and ottoman parts. 

Color variety

This chair has come on the market in 4 colors. These are black, cream white, dark brown, and saddle. all the chairs’ material and leather are the same. The only difference is the color.

Less sweat

Yes, PU leather is less sweaty than other synthetic leather. PU leather is a little less breathable so it can make you excessively warm. But compared to other synthetic leathers, it makes you sweat less.


you can customize this chair as you need. You can adjust the seating position in 3 ways, and also can use an ottoman for the footrest if needed. you can swivel the chair 360 degrees effortlessly.

Overall measurement

recliner dimensions

  1. depth- 29.5 inches
  2. Length- 53.5 inches
  3. Width- 30.3 inches
  4. Height- 40.6 inches

Ottoman dimensions

  1. depth- 17.3 inches
  2. Width- 18.5 inches
  3. Height- 15.75 inches

Backrest dimension

  1. height- 30 inches 
  2. Width- 20.2 inches 

Seat dimensions

  1. depth- 20.5 inches 
  2. width- 21.7 inches
  3. Height- 16.5 inches

Floor to top of armrest: 22.5 inches

Armrest height: 21.3 inches

Back incline angle: 140 degree

Weight capacity: 300lbs

Item weight: 45.9 pounds / 20.66 kg

Pros and Cons of Toomoo lounge chair chair


  1. Durable leather upholstery
  2. Padded with extra thick sponge
  3. Angle adjustment knob
  4. 360-degree swivel wood base
  5. Reclining system
  6. Breathable and comfortable
  7. Sturdy
  8. Elegant
  9. Looks attractive
  10. Warranty 
  11. Well constructed


  1. Assembly instruction is terrible
  2. does not recline flat position.

Benefits of using the chair

  1. reduce lower back pain
  2. It makes you comfortable
  3. improve circulation
  4. support proper posture
  5. gaming chair support your overall health
  6. it promotes proper spine alignment
  7. It relieves stress
  8. Increase energy level
  9. Reduce joint stress
  10. It relieves pressure
  11. It eases motion
  12. Reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Will you feel comfortable using the king gothalion chair?

Yes. But not that the chair used by king gothalion will be comfortable for you. A chair is comfortable through its features. Understand whether it will be comfortable based on the characteristics of. 

Choosing a comfortable recliner chair might be difficult. so you must ensure some things. Choose the size first and keep in mind how much physical space is allotted for the new recliner.

The seating area should be soft and offer firm support.

Then check if you have all the features you need and the material of this chair. Narrow your style choices. Consider its longevity. 

How much does it cost to buy?

Before purchasing any product is to take our idea about its price. There are many problems with the price. And it’s hard to find a store that offers good service.

They may vary from store to store. in our research, we found a minimum of $289.90 to a maximum of $329.99.

How long is the warranty?

Warranty is a seller’s guarantee that a defective product will be repaired or replaced within a specified time. Every brand comes with a specific warranty on its products. 

MCombo gives a 1-year limited warranty on their product. We warrant our product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. They must be notified within 14 days of the discovery of any visible defects. 

The warranty won’t work if normal wear and tear are damaged from daily use. you will also get all free shipping in the US 48 states.

This warranty only applies to suppliers in the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. They do not warranty any product that is delivered in Canada and internationally.

Can you customize this chair?

Of course, you can customize as you need. There are many options to find your perfect angle.

you can adjust the seat angle at 3 different positions. When working, keep the chair at 110 degrees. When reading books or watching TV, keep it at 120 degrees.

If you want to take a rest, keep it at 140 degrees. so you can easily find a relaxed position. 

you will get an ottoman to relax your feet while reclining. In an additional version, the seat height is increased, the armrest is also adjusted accordingly.

It has a 360-degree swivel option. You can change the position of the chair at any time if you want.

How long does the chair last?

A recliner is usually made of the same material and structure as a sofa, so they are as durable as the sofa. normally, it lasts About 7 to 15 years

On average in regular use, you can expect a recliner to last about 10 years.  Rarely used chairs can be more durable. However, when children or pets are exposed to domestic disturbances, their durability decreases.

How long a chair lasts depends on its structure as well as how you use it. If you want your chair to last for a long time you have to take proper care of it. make sure to clean your chair at times.

Is it worth buying?

Whether it is worthy or not depends entirely on your needs. If you are looking for a chair that will give you the opportunity to do different angles to relax in the work, then the chair is suitable.

If you are a person who has to spend most of your time sitting down, this is for you. This will help you to get rid of various pains by correcting your sitting posture. It will help you to make your long sitting easy and comfy. 

Recliner chairs are ideal for you if you have back problems. The recliner chair provides amazing lumbar and back support. the overall foam padding is thickened. which will provide you with adequate comfort.

Is it good for gaming?

If you are a new or experienced gamer, you must be interested in taking your gaming experience to a new level. a recliner will help improve your playing time. A recliner is a great way to get rid of the fatigue that comes with gaming. 

The gaming chair does not directly affect your game, it affects the way you play. You can play longer and practice more if you feel comfortable. The more you practice, you will play the better. 

We all know that the backrest of gaming chairs is bigger than office chairs. Which supports our shoulders and backs. It does not allow us to get tired easily. Our mcombo recliner upgrade version has increased the height. Which makes this chair perfect for games. 

Is it good for work?

There are many who are looking for chairs for daily work. You can use the recliner chair as an office chair. Recliner chairs are usually more comfortable than office chairs.

So many people use it as an alternative to office chairs. because it allows the seat to be positioned at different angles for comfort. You can use the ottoman to rest your feet at work.

A recliner chair is comfortable for tired backs and a good respite for all long working hours. A recliner can increase the focus of your work.

This chair is padded with a high-quality thick sponge which helps to decrease pressure from the head, backrest, and armrest.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a recliner to sit with for a long time, you must choose this.  As long as the recliner gives proper lumbar support, sitting at the recliner is good for your back. 

the soft leather upholstery and thick sponge padded ensure to give you full relaxation. you will get a knob adjusting recline with infinite adjustments.

Is it well packaged?

yes, this chair comes with 2 well packaged. the 2 boxes one larger and one smaller. They are packed very nicely. with the tools, you need to assemble them.

The packaging is very beautiful. Almost all customers liked and praised their packaging in reviews. 

As the packaging is good you will get all the parts without any defects. if the items in transit are damaged in any way, you have to contact them within 3 working days. 

What will be included in the box?

We know that this chair will come in 2 boxes. all the hardware will be packed in small boxes within the larger mainframe box. In the boxes, you will get the chair base, back part, frame, arms, seats, bolt, and nut. ottoman parts.

Some people can easily assemble this but most of them find difficulties. because the instruction book only describes pictures. You will need 2 people to assemble it.  

Do any other streamers use a king gothalion chair?

No, this chair does not use any other streamers. king gothalion always promotes ergonomic chairs the most. The needs of each streamer may be different.

They will therefore prefer the most suitable chair for them. The structure may also differ in terms of height, weight.

Alternative of king gothalion chair

There are some alternative chairs that king gothalion uses. Now I will describe a little bit about it.

Kyle Taupe Faux Leather Ottoman and Swiveling Recliner   

This faux leather seating chair brings a sleek modern look with comfort. This is a well-designed recliner chair that comes in 5 colors.

The Swivel recliner and the Matching Ottoman come in a taupe shade of fabric, which is extremely colorful, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The recliner has steel springs on the back and extra mesh in the seat.

The ottoman opens for storage and safety hinges on the ottoman.


  • Color: kyle taupe
  • Formfactor: recliner
  • Material: wood base metal frame
  • Surface material: faux leather
  • Furniture finish: walnut finish and bronze finish. 
  • Furniture base movement: swivel
  • Brand: BenchMaster

Overall measurements:

  • Recliner dimensions:hight- 40”, Width- 30”, Depth:- 28.5”- 42”
  • Seat dimensions: hight- 20”, Width- 19.5”, Depth- 18.5”
  • Ottoman dimensions: Hight- 16”, Width-  21”, Depth-  18”
  • Arm height from floor: 20.5”
  • Item weight: 48.7 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs

MCombo Recliner with Ottoman, Reclining Chair with Massage 7902

If you can relax your body enough then your day will be better. This luxury chair allows you to relax and enjoy a massage. This versatile chair helps to relieve the stiffness of your body through remote control massage. 

Sit down in this luxurious chair and relax when you feel tired. Entertain yourself and enjoy an electric massage. The chair features 4 massage programs, 5 vibration massage modes, and 6 massage nodes.

In an update, the thickness of the base tube has been enhanced to make this chair more stable. It has a side pocket for extra storage room.

remote control system to change massage mode and node. This chair has a reclining system 110degree to 140 degree for giving you comfort in free time.

It comes with an ottoman which provides a full leg massage function for relaxing your feet. 

This massage chair has an auto shut-off feature to extend the service life. This will turn off the cushion unit every 15 minutes of continuous use.

You have to just open the cushion again. However, the chair should not be used continuously for more than 30 minutes. 


  • Color: light brown 
  • Formfactor: recliner
  • Material: metal
  • Operating method: electronic
  • Vibration massage point: 2 point(seat) 4(back) 2(ottoman)
  • Surface material: PU leather
  • Furniture base movement: swivel
  • Brand: Mcombo
  • Maximum recline: 140 degree

Overall dimensions: 

  • Recliner dimension: height- 38.2”, Width- 31.9”, Depth- 34.4”
  • Seat dimensions: Width- 20.47”, Depth- 31.3”
  • Seat to floor – 18.11”
  • Seat to top of backrest: 27.6”
  • Maximum wall distance: 15.7”
  • Item weight: 44 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 280lbs
  • Recommended height: 4.9’ – 5.8’

Previously used chair by king gothalion

Now we will see which chair king gothalion used previously and also check some descriptions about it. So let’s see

B2C2B Ergonomic Office Chair 

This is an affordable leather executive office chair. Its ergonomic design and solid construction will give you comfort in long work.

The chair’s headrest, seat cushions, and armrests are heavily padded to provide the most comfortable experience.

The soft and comfortable cushion is made with PU leather, pp cotton, spring bag, high-density sponge, and wood board to protect your buttocks like a baby. 

You can blindly trust our product because our chair has been  120,000 times tested in backrest pressure, load-bearing, and gas lift cylinder. using this chair you will no longer suffer shoulder and neck pain.  

You can recline the chair after a long time working between 90 – 120 degrees. to control the tightness you can use a knob.

According to a study, if you work in the office for 23-65 years, then You will spend your 10 years working on a chair. A good recliner will make your 10 years comfortable. 


  • Room type: office
  • Color: black
  • Furniture base movement: swivel
  • Material: non-toxic PU leather and nontoxic high-density foam
  • Furniture finish: leather
  • Brand: B2C2B


  • Item dimensions: height- highest:- 45.3”, Lowest:- 42.1”
  • Seat dimensions: width- 20.5”, length- 19.7”
  • Backrest dimensions: width- 20.5”, length- 27.6”
  • Item weight: 47.5 lbs
  • Weight capacity:  350 lbs
  • Seat to top of the back: 29”
  • Width between armrests: 27”

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Bottom Line:

Lastly, if you prefer a chair that is compatible in all respects, you can take it. Before buying a chair, you must take a good look at its dimensions, then the chair will be the most comfortable for you 

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