What chair does King George use? (Features Included)

George Kassa, known as King George, is an American streamer and YouTube star. He is well known as the Rainbow Six Size World Champion. His biggest tournament win so far was at the 2017 Six Invitational Tournament for PC players, where he won USD 50,000.

He retired from the competitive R6 in 2016 but continued to stream it full-time on his Twitch channel. He has 138.1k followers & 25.7 million viewers on this channel. Now, he has 361k subscribers & 96.4 million viewers on his YouTube channel.

King George’s gaming setup is currently sponsored by Corsair. He is high-quality high-quality180-degree interested in using tools that will improve his gaming performance. We take a look at King George’s setup for streaming & gameplay.

Today in this article we are talking about the chair he used. So, let’s come to the article now.

What chair does King George use

Here’s the chair King George’s using

Boulies Gaming Chair (Master) that is very comfortable and has a classic look. Multifunction makes this chair more ergonomic than any other model.

Specifications of King George’s Boulies gaming chair:

Mechanism TypeMulti-Tilt
Foot Base Type5 Star Aluminum
HydraulicsClass 4

Why did King George choose it?

King George is a full-time streamer & Youtube star. He must spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer to play games and make videos. So, he needs a comfortable chair that will support his body and improve gaming performance.

The Boulies gaming chair is equipped with various features to support the body. The chair has a multi-tilt locking position, height adjustability, backrest recline adjustability that helps to relieve stress and gives an improved seating position. That’s why King George chose the chair for himself.

Why is the Boulies gaming chair special?

The Boulies chair is special because the chair is designed with high-quality features. So that you can get maximum comfort at work. 

The chair has an 8-way 4D adjustable armrest, high-quality foam seat, multi-tilt mechanism, adjustable backrest with a 90 to 180-degree reclining angle, 135kg weight lifting capacity and the chair is 360 degree swivel. Moreover, with its 80cm x 57cm high backrest, it can support tall people. 

Is Boulies a good brand?

Among the Boulies models, their master series is the most popular legacy model. The brand is always helpful for gaming and office equipment. They always try to provide and ensure long-lasting comfort for those who use chairs regularly.

If you are looking for a comfortable chair for work or a gaming setup with maximum durability, then this brand is a really good brand choice for you.

Features of the chair:

  1. Materials: The Boulies gaming office chair is a unique combination of 2 types of leather made of cold molded foam material.
  2. Base and frame: The 5-star aluminum foot base, PU casters wheels, and the base of the seat and back are made with steel frames.
  3. Built Quality: The chair has a 5-star aluminum base, leather material, PU casters, and a durable class 4 hydraulic lift whose built quality is very strong.
  4. Design: appealing and fashionable design with ultra-flexible leather for long breaths
  5. Seating: The seat is made of Ultraflex PU leather signed by Boulies with microfiber suede upholstery.
  6. Spinal Support: The entire part of the back column of your spine is supported from the pelvis to the neck.
  7. Headrest: For long-term use, this chair has an adjustable Velvet headrest pillow.
  8. Lumbar support: The chair has been upgraded with built-in lumbar support.
  9. Rocking mechanism: The chair has a 15-degree reclining rocking function and a multi-tilt mechanism that can be used to lock or unlock the seating position with complete control.
  10. Armrest: The chair has a 4D adjustable armrest which can be adjusted in 8 ways.
  11. Breathability: Boulies chair upgraded upholstery is much smoother, more comfortable, durable, and breathable than PU leather.
  12. Flexibility: The chair provides a 90-180 degree reclining adjustable backrest, rocking mechanism, lumbar support, headrest, and armrest positional flexibility.
  13. Movability: The chair has a 360-degree swivel and smooth wheels that allow perfect movement for each action.
  14. Adjustment: The height-adjustable seat angle allows for a fully custom fit by adjusting to the body adjustment.
  15. Comfort and Ergonomic: The chair in this model is a high and ergonomic chair that is designed to accommodate all body sizes.
  16. Multiple sizes: There is only one size. The recommended size is 165 to 190cm.
  17. Color variety: The chair is available in 4 colors in the master series. The colors are red, blue, white and black.
  18. Less sweat: The chair is made of specially designed molded foam. It does not sweat on the back even after sitting for a long time.
  19. Customizable: Each part of the chair cushion, pillow, seat, and armrest can be easily customizable.
  20. Easy shifting: The 5 soft smooth castor wheels of the chair are very easy to shift from front to back & side to side by rolling easily.
  21. Support: The chair has great cushions to support the head, back, and neck.

Overall Measurement:

Seat Height18.1’’-20.5’’
Seat Depth19.3’’
Backrest Height31.5’’
Backrest Width22.4’’
Arm Height25.2”-30.3”
Caster Wheel Size6cm
Number of Caster Wheels5 pieces
Back Angle90-180 degree
Swivel360 degree
Item Weight39.68 Pounds


  1. Versatile, comfortable & durable.
  2. Good quality & easy to install.
  3. More breathable.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Flexible payment option.


  1. Limited warranty.

Benefits of using Boilies gaming chair:

Boulies gaming chairs have many benefits. The chair helps to optimize the seating environment. Improving gaming skills provides the best gaming experience and gives more comfort when playing advanced games.

It also promotes proper spinal alignment. It provides maximum lumbar support, relieves stress on the muscles of the spine and back neck region. 

Will you feel comfortable using the King George chair?

We all know that sitting in a chair for a long time can lead to various health problems. Lumbar support is very important for health when sitting for long periods. This chair has an adjustable lumbar cushion pillow that provides back support.

It has a 360 degree swivel rotation speed that is capable of giving maximum flexibility. So, I think you will feel very comfortable using the King George chair.

How much does it cost to have King George’s Boulies gaming chair?

Top brand gaming chairs usually cost between $300-$500. This master model of the high-end ergonomic Boulies chair has gained popularity among gamers. Gaming chairs are sold at different prices in different e-commerce stores.

As you can see, in most cases, the product is often not readily available in e-commerce stores. But in their Boulies online store, the chair costs $329.99.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty period of Boulies gaming chair is 2 years. But if you are not satisfied with the purchase of the chair or if there is any defect, the chair can be returned within 14 days of delivery.

Can you customize the chair?

Of course, the chair is fully customizable. Every part of the chair can be customized. As the seat of the chair, steel frame, caster wheels, armrest, headrest pillow, lumbar pillow, and chair height can all be customized according to your needs.

How long does the chair last?

How many years a gaming chair lasts depends on the built quality of the chair & its use. The Boulies gaming chair is made of high-quality material. In addition, if the multi-tilt mechanism of the chair is used properly, then the chair is looking forward to using it year after year, even after its 2 year warranty period.

Is it worth buying?

This chair is designed in several sections to suit any style. The main design material is made of a mixture of two types of leather, which is very worthwhile overall. The aluminum foot base, reclining mechanism, and multi-functional mechanism have been tested for their quality & durability in the long run.

Moreover, the chair is budget-friendly. So, I think the chair is worth buying.

Is it good for gaming?

The Boulies brand master series is an ideal choice for pro-gamers to increase gameplay. The chair is designed to accommodate all body sizes to improve performance in the gaming environment. It helps to keep the body relaxed during long hours of playing video games.

Its backrest is perfectly aligned with the shape of your spine. This curved chair balances the body at an angle where the seat meets the back, so its position can be easily changed.

Is it good for work?

We need a chair to work all day, which keeps our bodies healthy and strong. The Boulies gaming chair is designed with a multi-tilt mechanism, an aluminum base with full control and this model is also good for heavy and tall people. They can lock and unlock their position and sit in any corner of the chair. 

The chair relieves pressure on their back and neck area during work. For temporary comfort in the middle of work, you can sleep with the chair down by adjusting 90-180 degrees in the backrest area. So, it can be said that it is quite good for work.

Should you buy it?

The chair is very helpful for relieving fatigue after long hours of work because it is a very comfortable chair. Lumbar back support adjusts the inner curve of the lower back and provides long-term comfort. Even with a headrest and lumbar pillow, you can work or relax by tilting your head.

There is also a 4D armrest that can be adjusted in any way. The chair has an affordable budget and better features than the listed models, which makes it perfect for both gaming and office use. If you want a comfortable and budget-friendly chair, you should buy it.

Is it well packaged?

The Boulies gaming chair is one of the well-packaged chairs from popular advanced brands.

It has 2 types of leather combination, a 4D adjustable armrest, a 90-180 degree reclining backrest, a headrest & lumbar pillow, an aluminum 5-star base, multi-tilt mechanism, reclining rocking function, a 4 gas lift system, and 360 degree swivel wheels. Based on the elements mentioned, it can be said that it is a well-packaged chair.

What will be included in the box?

Something new can be added by changing different parts of the box. The seat of this chair is made of a molded leather material. A padded seat cushion can be included by changing the seat.

We also need to rest our legs for long hours of working, but this chair has no footrest. So, it should be included in an ergonomic footrest in the box. 

Do any other streamers use King George’s chair?

A high-quality gaming chair is comfortable and improves the body’s seating position. The chair helps streamers and professional gamers to get gaming sessions faster. So various streamers, gamers & Youtubers are using King George’s chair.

Alternative of King George’s chair:

1. Epic Gaming Chair:

It is a perfect gaming and office chair. It is made with a steel frame and PU leather and it has a 4D adjustable armrest, neck and lumbar support cushions, a 135 degree back tilt, and a class 4 gas lift. Also, the chair is meticulously stitched and ergonomically designed with a decorative logo.

Previously used chair by King George:

1. Flash Fundamentals Black Office Chair:

This is a black leather swivel chair for professional offices and home offices. The chair is equipped with leather soft and polyurethane waterfall seats. It also has adjustable seat height, tilt lever function, and wheel casters.

The chair is made with a 5-Star Nylon Base with Dual-Wheel Casters. The backrest is designed with a mid-back design that helps to support the back and sit comfortably.

2. CORSAIR WW T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair:

It is a long chair with wide seats to meet the needs of gaming sessions. It has a perforated PU leather seat, a steel frame base, adjustable seat height, 4D adjustable armrest, 170-degree reclining backrest, and rollerblade style smooth wheels.

It is also wrapped in a soft microfiber cloth and includes a permanent neck and lumbar pillow.

3. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair:

It is a comfortable chair, suitable for long-term use. The chair is covered with high-quality premium leather and it has a built-in metal frame, an adjustable armrest, 360-degree swivel wheels, and footrest.

It is also equipped with a headrest and lumbar pillow to keep the body relaxed. 

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Final Thoughts

A comfortable chair is very important for regular comfortable sitting work and long gaming sessions. We all know that prolonged use of chairs can confuse our work. Thus, to support the body and health, the best master model chair of this brand plays an important role.

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