What gaming chair does Bugha use? (Alternative Included)

Kyle Giersdorf, basically known as Bugha in online. An American online gamer who plays professionally in esports. He is famous for playing Fortnite Battle Royale. This 18-year-old guy became well known after lifting 19’s Fortnite World Cup. 

The chair which Bugha uses has a craze among the gamers. Who doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the topper? So today we will be discussing the chair which Bugha uses currently. You may have some queries on that topic. So we will be solving your most asking queries. So let’s check. 

What gaming chair does Bugha use

Here is the chair Bugha using:

Bugha is currently using Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic office chair for gaming purposes. This chair is actually a great one to work on. It is designed for a comfortable gaming experience.

More than 20 doctors and PhDs who are working in biomechanics, physical therapy, vision, and ergonomics have contributed their best to develop the quality of this chair. And this has made a new benchmark in terms of pressure distribution, natural aligning. 

Its backrest is made like a human’s. This backrest can support your back’s natural curve healthfully. It offers a healthy position and reduces pressure on your back and buttocks. Armrests are totally adjustable. And the seat depth of this chair is adjustable too. There are four different layers in this seat. 

The tilt limiter allows you to fix it according to your need. The base and frame are sturdy too. You can roam on your carpet with this one easily. Every single part of this chair is designed to offer you a very enjoyable moment without any pressure and torment.

Why did Bugha choose it?  

Bugha has been using this chair for streaming games comfortably. This high-budget one is a consequence of well research and study. It’s designed to support the user without any pain. 

The backrest of this chair is made to support the spinal curve of the human body. That’s a great addition to support your lower back. And the adjustable parts are super customizable. 

The frame and base are durable enough. And the casters don’t draw any scratch on your carpet. When you keep yourself in this chair all of your body parts will get great support from the chair. It reduces pressure on your legs and lets your blood circulate properly. And obviously, all these things make Bugha choose it. 

Why is the Herman Miller Embody chair special? 

The Herman Miller embody chair has great prestige among gamers. Even many of the star gamers have been going with this one. They always try to provide something healthful that can make gamers’ hours more comfortable. 

They are well known for improving posture. Their back and seat are well designed that healthfully keep your frame and don’t create any pain. The adjustable parts are pretty supportive for different gaming. 

You can work freely on a Herman Miller. It can welcome you warmly in its reign. No exhaustion will be faced by this one. The materials belonging to this chair are great in quality. And that’s why they are costly. Having a Herman Miller Embody has always been a matter of joy for any gamer. 

Is Herman Miller a good brand? 

Herman Miller has been well known for providing quality products with all the necessary features. They are so good in terms of playing the game. Even many top gamers are using this chair. 

Though Herman Miller costs more it ensures great quality and support. The natural design is pretty supportive of one’s work. And lightweight ones can be brought to any place easily. 

Herman Miller is ready to support you for the day. The body frame and seat cushion are pretty nice. Adjustable things like the armrest, tilt mechanism, height adjustment, etc are super helpful. Getting a Herman Miller chair is like a dream for most gamers. 

Features of the chair 

  1. Materials– This chair is made of quality materials. Its seat is combined with four different layers. All layers work together though made with a different process. They allow you great durability. 
  2. Base and frame- The base and frame are well optimized. They are sturdy enough. These graphite frames and bases are nice to go with. 
  3. Build quality- Build quality is super. This one was built with quality materials. 
  4. Design- Design is healthy and lightweight. The backrest is designed to support the spinal curve of a human. 
  5. Seating- Seat depth is adjustable. And the seat is constructed with four different layers. 
  6. Spinal support- Spinal support is so good. Many physicians and PhDs contributed to making it healthy. It is made like a natural one.
  7. Headrest- There is no typical headrest. But It’s quite capable of supporting your head. 
  8. Lumbar support- Lumbar support is nicely designed with the backrest. It reduces pressure and back pain. 
  9. Rocking mechanism- You can rock with this one smoothly. But It’s not a rocking chair at all. 
  10. Armrests- Armrests are adjustable. They would add extra comfort to your gaming and computing.
  11. Breathability- This chair breathes pretty well. But not like a mesh chair. 
  12. Flexibility- It’s quite flexible. The back and adjustable seat height are great in this perspective. 
  13. Movability- It is a nice one to move with. Casters are immersive to move on the carpet. 
  14. Adjustment- You can adjust its armrest, seat height, and tilt function. They are supportive enough. 
  15. Comfort and ergonomic- This one is well combined. And the back is great. And the seat is with different layers. 
  16. Multiple sizes- Mid-size could be fitted with everyone. But if you are over 6.6 inches then you need the larger one. 
  17. Color variety- Has a lot of color variations. Like – Blue, black, carbon balance, charcoal rhythm, green, iris balance, iris rhythm, mulberry rhythm, peacock rhythm, twilight rhythm. 
  18. Less sweat- This chair is good from this perspective. 
  19. Customizable- It is pretty customizable. Some parts could be customized easily. 
  20. Easy shifting- This one could be shifted easily. Don’t need to be worried regarding this matter. 
  21. Support- When you are going to sit down, you would feel the pixelated support. Its back and seat support your physique nicely. 
  22. Extra- This one is good for your neck. Your neck may have a better place to relax. And the casters are smooth and sturdy. Adjusting the height of the seat is a great addition, I must say. 
  23. Overall- So, overall undoubtedly it is a nice product to go on. You can buy this one for gaming or working purposes. All the provided materials and functions are top-notch. 

Pros and cons of Bugha’s miller embody chair 


  • The backrest is designed as a natural one. 
  • Armrests are adjustable. 
  • There are four different layers in the seat. 
  • A tilt limiter under the seat.
  • Depth of the seat could be adjusted 
  • Graphite Frame and base.
  • Casters are smooth on the carpet. 
  • Supports lower back nicely.


  • No footrest in this chair. 
  • Rocking function is not rich. 

Benefits of the chair 

This one is a healthy chair. Even a group of physicians and PhDs contributed to building this one healthfully. It supports your back and neck naturally. Your back would get proper support in the spinal curve. It lets your blood circulate properly. The seat is well optimized, depth can be adjusted. 

Armrests are adjustable, computing or gaming could be much enjoyable. You can move with this one smoothly on your carpet. The graphite base, as well as the frame, made it more durable. 

Will you feel comfortable using Bugha’s chair? 

This chair is renowned as a comfortable one. All the parts are made to support users. Your spine would find great support. And the buttock wouldn’t feel any pressure as the seat is customizable. 

Armrest allows you to work comfortably. And they don’t bother your elbows. Roaming in the room with this nice. When you sit, your body’s organs must get excellent support. 

How much does it cost to buy Bugha’s Herman miller embody chair? 

In the HermanMiller store, the price is $1,595. And on Amazon, it costs $1,429. And a blog site named btod says, currently it costs $1,595. An E-commerce site named office furniture scene fixed its price for £1,013. And the tech gear lab shows its price for $1 595. 

How long is the warranty?  

Herman Miller doesn’t skimp in terms of the warranty. This mode has come with a warranty of 12 years. That’s huge! your vigorous time will be passed easily with this one. 

Can you customize the chair?  

Well, this chair has been a good one with all the necessary functions. Some functions are fixed and some are customizable. Customizing functions are pretty effective for different users. 

Armrests could be customized. And the tilt mechanism offers you to fix the height of the chair. All these features are needed when you go for different tasks. 

How long does the chair last?

This chair is a great one with quality materials. Every single part is adorned with these quality materials. And every part is well combined. 

Apart from the quality materials, sometimes warranty time indicates the lasting period. The manufacturer gave a 12-year warranty, so guess the lasting period. And it depends on the way you use it.

Using it carefully would give you the best feedback. And obviously, it can be said that you can go with this one for more than 5 years easily. 

Is the chair worth buying?  

This Herman Miller chair is a decent chair for people who play the game professionally. But not for everyone. People with a typical job should not go for this one. 

Its back and seat are nicely optimized to support you all day. Your back pain wouldn’t get any chance to dominate. Intellectuals have contributed to manufacturing this chair healthfully.

It can receive and support you properly when you play the game. And all of your organs would get a better position to rest it. So, it’s not a bad deal. But if you have less budget, you can check other chairs. 

Is it good for gaming?  

Gamers spend a couple of hours on a chair, so they need one which can support them all day. And in this regard, the Herman Miller embody chair is not a bad one. It’s designed to reduce pressure on you. 

Gamers with lower back pain praised this chair too. Even a review says it’s better than a racing-style gaming chair in some perspectives. The seat of this chair is well designed to support you comfortably.

The seat height could be adjusted, that’s a great thing. And seat layers offer you some precious hours. 

Is it good for working?  

Well, this lightweight one is not a bad deal for your work. Office going people with lower back pain would get this one helpful much. And its casters are pretty smooth in running so you can contact your colleagues easily. 

Students might get this one helpful. And it could be a nice one for your home. Almost everyone can use this one comfortably except aged or weighty people. 

Should you buy a Herman Miller embody chair? 

Well, this chair could be used for multi-purposes. No doubt it’s a nice one for gamers. Spending time with this chair would be much more comfortable. 

If you are an office-going guy with lower back pain then it can be an excellent mate in your office. Students also may find it helpful. And the typical job in the home could be done easily with this chair.

Is it well packaged?  

It is packaged nicely. And easy to put together. All the parts are orderly placed on the packet. And the chair is totally assembled in the box. 

What will be included in the box?  

The box will come with the chair which is fully assembled. And there may be some dust. Don’t worry!  The fabric will remain covered with a plastic wrapper that can save this one from any sort of damages.  

There will be no tools or broken parts as it will remain totally assembled. You just need to roll it and adjust the height and go on. 

Do any other streamers use this Bugha’s Herman miller?  

xQc, a renowned Twitch streamer uses Herman miller too. This chair’s functions and facilities can grab the attention of any user. And it never makes them disappointed. 

There are some alternatives to Bugha’s chair.

Let’s check what alternative chair meets the Herman miller quality. 

1. Steelcase Gesture Office Desk chair 

This premium-looking one could be a perfect alternative to Bugha’s chair. It has come with a different and attractive gesture. Here is a headrest that can make room for your head to have relaxed. And the lumbar support is quite good. 

The back and seat are well designed and can support one’s body nicely. Armrests are pretty supportive, they can support you in any position. You can adjust the height of the seat according to your need. Casters are smooth on the floor and carpet. It could be a great addition to your office and room. 

2. Tribesigns Ergonomic Office Chair 

This one is made of high-end quality materials. And the backrest is quite strong. There you will find a headrest that is pretty supportive during relaxing. 3D PU armrests offer you a great computing experience. 

The lumbar support is good with a good combination of seat and back. The seat is designed to reduce pressure on your legs. The breathable back allows air. And this breathable back can keep you calm on the chair. 

The height-adjustable too. The wheel caster is sturdy enough. They can bear you nicely. Overall the functions of this chair are decent. Having this one in your room wouldn’t be a matter of regret. 

3. Steelcase Gesture Chair 

This chair looks premium as well as nice. The connected fabric of this chair is 100% polyester. Its backrest is nice and the lumbar is quite supportive.

The seat is smartly padded. And you can adjust the depth of the seat. And yes, the seat height is adjustable too. 

You can recline with it in four different positions. That’s pretty supportive. The armrests are totally adjustable. It can support you all day. The casters can erase your monotony. And obviously, it has a warranty of 12 years. 

Previously used chair by Bugha: 

GT RACING Gaming Chair 

This chair has come with two Bluetooth speakers. These speakers offer stereo sounds. That’s great for your entertainment. The music would be full of bass and clarity. You can connect it to your tablet, smartphone, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

If you buy a GT RACING Bluetooth Adapter with this chair, you will be able to connect this chair to your pc, laptop, and gaming consoles. The armrests and seat height of this chair are adjustable, you can fix them as you want. 

Here you can rock this one 90-170°, that’s a nice function for relaxing. The base of this chair is sturdy enough. There are lumbar and headrest pillows too which can be removed.

This ergonomic design offers a balanced and neutral posture on the seat. Thickly padded seats are pretty comfortable. It could be a nice one for your gaming and computing. 

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Final words 

So here it is. We tried our level best to solve your questions. Hope you got it helpful. So, fix your budget and go for the best one. Stay fine!

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