Why does gaming chair keep lowering and How to Fix That?

Most gaming chairs keep lowering and making sounds after using them for a year. Some gamer’s chairs may look like they belong on a racetrack.

Some gaming chairs keep lowering in brand new condition and some do this after a while. It generated its true creaking sound in a chair or a few aspects which need to be rectified in it.

Addressing this problem can have a wide range of consequences. For example, if you use the chair in this manner, you may have neck stress because of attempting to adjust it to the lack of correct height.

You should always take care of your health first. As a result, if you have a sinking chair, address it as rapidly as workable.

Sounds interesting! This is excellent news so I’d like to convey…

The fact is, you needn’t destroy your sinking gaming chair because we’ll go through how to stop lowering gaming chairs and how to fix them in this article.

Why does gaming chair keep lowering and How to Fix That

Why Does Gaming Chair Keep Lowering Or Shrinking?

Buying a new gaming chair, but it is lower within a month. Sometimes it happens because of material facts. In a gaming chair, there is a spring  that reservoir, the height lever adjusts and stuff full of air.

The air inside the chamber enlarges as the piston approaches further out of the chamber, enabling the chair to lower.

The pneumatic valves signify that when the chair continues to sink. And while the chair continued to sink, this signifies that the cylinder has collapsed. To repair the gaming chair, it needs to replace the piston.

Does A Cheap Gaming Chair Always’ Keep Lowering?

A cheap gaming chair will surely offer a racing impression, but what’s behind that faux leather shell and other materials matters.

Choosing the cheap one can’t fulfill the demand of warming and lowering during gaming sessions and also can’t support for a long time. Of course, if you don’t mind walking something a little less showy, this is an option.

You will, however, want to ensure that a low-cost gaming chair satisfies enough for you to sit on for hours on end.  Whenever looking for the cheapest gaming chair, take into consideration that support is necessary.

How To Keep Your Gaming Chair From Keep Lowering?

Whenever your gaming chair starts to lower, realize that there is some problem with features. It will not be in deep analysis. I will let you know only about two features of the chairs. These are Hydraulic and pneumatic compressed air sources.

Hydraulics–and pneumatics–are indeed the words that describe fluid power systems

What Does The Word Pneumatics Mean?

The pneumatic system usually works for a piece of heavy machinery. We use this system in compressing air. In a slightly elevated compressor, operate by pulling air. So, the pneumatic is glossy, cleaner, and low-cost.

A Pneumatic Chair’s Components

  • Such chairs have 3-5 wheels.
  • A padding backrest.
  • A handle at the base of the chair on the right or left side is used to change the height.
  • A miniature gas cylinder is used to hold pressurized gas for adjustability.

What Does The Word “Hydraulics” Mean?

Hydraulics used unsteady liquid metal such as oil to drive machines, Enormous weights may get lifted using hydraulic systems.

A Hydraulic Chair’s Components

  • Seats and a bottom plenum
  • Two hollow chambers, one carrying a flexible liquid and the other a compressed gas.
  • A hollow pipeline connecting both chambers
  • A lever for modifying the chair’s height

How To Fix A Chair That’s Going Down?

A gaming chair may need to be repaired if you no longer feel more comfortable in it, or if your gaming chair will not remain up, despite your best efforts.

As far as resolving this issue, follow 5 steps.

For the tools, you may need to rummage through your garage or visit a home improvement store (letter of this section we recommend the best product on amazon store).

It may decide whichever approach you use on whatever you have around the house or what you can find in a store.

You should look at some fantastic choices.

The PVC Pipe/ Plastics Pipe Method

In the first step, you must slide the plastic tube from the extensible tube to reveal the metal cylinder below. You should evaluate the cylinder’s width, length, and circumference.

Gain a PVC pipe of the same length. The diameter of the new pipe will be the same or slightly larger than the original.

Trim the new pipe through one hole to another with a tiny hacksaw so that it can slide onto the cylinder. 

You may also detach the chair’s undercarriage and slip on the replacement PVC pipe without having to cut it!

Your chair should no longer sink! When altering the height of the cha, you may need to adjust the length of the pipe.

Cylinder Method

The following tools require:

  •   One pipe wrench or vice grip
  •   One replacement chair cylinder,
  •   One rubber mallet
  •   Optional: WD40


1. Disconnect the old cylinder first from the chair’s foundation. Transform the chair on its side and use your rubber mallet to tap the base away from the chair.

2. Twist the wrench towards the top of the old cylinder and rotate it until it comes free of the mechanism. 

If you don’t have a pipe wrench, you may separate the mechanism from the chair by disassembling the primary bolts on the seat’s bottom. Next, tap the machinery away from the chair with the rubber mallet.

3. Whether you’re experiencing trouble detaching the chair, dab some WD40 on the mechanism and then let it sit for a few minutes before attempting once. Before you begin, be sure to protect the surrounding surfaces and chair materials.

4. After removing the old chair cylinder, replace this with the new one. Simply enter the cylinder into the chair’s foundation and then lift one into the mechanism.

5. Carefully place the chair upright and take a seat. The component will attach permanently.

To follow the method more easily you can go through watching this video.

A Hose Clamp Method

You’ll need the following items:

  • 2cm (3/4″ hose clamp) 
  • Screwdriver
  •  Duct tape


  1. Similar to the previous procedure, pull the piece of plastic away from the current cylinder to reveal the cylindrical tube beneath.
  2. Thoroughly clean the metal cylinder.
  3. Determining the chair’s height.
  4. Circumscribe the cylinder with a hose clamp, measuring 2cm in diameter. 
  5. Then, unscrew the hose clamp screw and take the belt end out. Wrap the clamps all-around metal cylinder, twist, and slide to the top.

Your chair should no longer sink!  Use this technique only if you know to adjust the height of the chair you need.

The pneumatic cylinder may need to be changed. If this is the case, first examine the chair’s company’s data.

Oil The Components

As for the actual mechanics, the first thing you should inspect is if you can feel any friction as well as using your chair or its mechanism.

If the answer is yes, it should relieve you, since the reason your gaming chair continues sinking is a lack of lubrication. You may grease your chair’s joints and see if they smooth out.

Materials to Finish All the Steps To Stop Lowering

For Following the Step I will suggest using these best products. It helps you fix the chair hassle-free.

So, have a glance…

If the gas cylinder on your chair or stool has worn out, you may need to try the Heavy Duty model. Let us see.

DOZYANT 6″ Long Stroke Gaming Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

This heavy-duty replacement gaming chair gas lift cylinder outperforms ordinary chair gas lift cylinders. It’s an excellent substitute for broken or worn-out gas lifts on gaming chairs, task chairs, executive chairs, and more!

This gas cylinder will fit the vast majority of chairs and stools, though not all. To be sure, please measure your original cylinder.  When fitted, minor dimension variations should not affect the performance of the lift. Neither burn nor ruptured a gas cylinder when removing it.

6″ Stroke for Chair change Height:  11.2-inch minimum length; 17.2-inch maximum length when fully inflated; 6-inch adjustable range

The chair’s tall central support column. Heavy-duty gas lift cylinder that really can sustain heavy weights.

Most office, executive, and gaming chairs can support up to 450 pounds. The most expensive class 4 gas cylinder on the market.

Typical cylinder diameter: 2-inch outer cylinder, 1. 1-inch inner cylinder

Smooth and noiseless movement in all directions: Complete 360-degree rotation, smooth and noiseless movement in all directions

EASY INSTALLATION: they require no extra screws for installation.

Heavy-Duty gas lift

Are you becoming frustrated? Because the gaming chair you’ve sat on for years has started to drop or can’t adjust anymore. If the rest of the chair is still in good condition, why buy a new one? 

Why not try to fix it yourself by replacing the gas lift cylinder? How do you know if your gaming chair’s gas lift cylinder is consistent?

Examine the outside and inner dimensions of the broken gas lift cylinder. They designed this replacement element to accommodate the one with an outside diameter of 2″ and an interior diameter of 1.1″. 

How can I install a gas lift cylinder on my lean chair over to one side?

1. Lean the chair to one side.

2. To do this, use the rubber mallet to tap the chair’s base away from the seat.

3. Clamp the pipe wrench securely onto the top of the cylinder. To remove the cylinder, twist and then pull up.

4. Remove the new cylinder’s orange cap. Insert the cylinder’s bottom into the center of the chair base.

5. Insert the chair base and cylinder into the chair mechanism with care. 

Requirements: Steel is the most common use.

External Cylinder Diameter: 2″ – Internal Cylinder Diameter: 1. 1″–

Minimum Length: 10″ – Fully Extended

 Length: 15″ – Stroke: 5″

Pounds Of weight: 450 lbs.

Components of the package:1 Gas Lift Cylinder for Gaming Chair.

Hothatt Gas Lift

The HOTHATT chair cylinder is a stainless steel lift rod modification. 

You will no longer have the problem of the chair not being able to raise up or down; instead, it will work extremely smoothly and quietly!

Upgrade the outer ABS plastic shell to make your chairs endure longer! The gas lift cylinder incorporates new technologies, making your chair more comfortable, and smooth!

HOTHATT’s gas lift cylinder anti-explosion and service life outperform the competition! To assure ultimate safety, all items have met the American National Standards for gaming chair furniture!

When installing, don’t forget to remove the Cover!

Hand Gloves

Hand Gloves fend your fingertips in the kitchen by cutting, peeling, carving, and peeling veggies. 

If you want to keep your hands secure, go through with ARCLIBER Cut Protective Gloves. Besides gardening, mechanical and construction work, fishing, and woodworking, it’s a great tool for a wide range of tasks. 

Comfortable to wear because of its flat weave structure on the inside metal buckles that may change to let you get the right fit.

You can use these gloves to handle seafood. The gloves are not only light and comfortable, but they are also very simple to wash in the washing machine or by hand with a little soap or detergent and then air dry. 

Safety Glasses (Anti-fog Crystal Protective Glass)

The frames are available in the following colors: red, green, orange, black, blue, and gray. Construction, DIY Projects, Yardwork, Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Woodworking, Medical & Dental Professionals, Painting, Lab Work, N f Wars, and So Much More!

It is used as protection at the Industrial level.

It specifically designed safety glasses to be as comfortable and light as possible. They’re so light, so you probably won’t notice they’re there!

PVC Pipe

Place the PVC pipe in clamps and use your tool to cut its entire length on one side. Then, to attach it, just insert the side with the slit around the cylinder. 

The pipe should hold the chair in place and prevent the ergonomic chair from falling lower. 

Some people experience difficulty putting the pipe onto the cylinder; if this is the case, I suggest cutting it into shorter sections and starting over.

The PVC pipe technique allows you to change the height by adding or subtracting some pipe.

Dimensions of the product: 24 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches; weight: 1.7 pounds. ABS 03300 0200 is the item model number

Hose Clamp

If you want to adjust your gaming chair height, which one you are lowering, then you should know to fix the Hose clamp properly. This Hose clamp should be a good brand product.

Durable Material: Constructed of superior condition 304 stainless steel, water-proof, robust, durable, corrosion-resistant rust-proof, and long-lasting usage.

Open inner and outer ring construction, bolted to the frame, allows for maximum strength. Large range of change, smooth surface, torsion, and pressure resistance.

Tightly locked and smooth surface. Provides a good seal with a wide range of those materials, thus resolving the hose’s liquid and gas leakage problem.

Simple to use: To change the size, just remove or tighten the screw of the hose clips with a screwdriver, then firmly attach the hoses to the fitting. Hoses, pipe, cable, tube, automobile, industrial, and watercraft applications are all possible. Included with the package.

The Original Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape

 If you are fond of powerful tape which can stick strongly to fix your chair, then you should try Utility Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape. It is an indispensable tool for basic maintenance and DIY tasks.

The Original Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape is the ready tool for quick fixes and temporary repairs.

This easy-to-tear workbench favorite has stronger stickiness than Utility Duck Tape and is ideal for holding, seaming, sealing, and bundling. 

Duck Higher Strength Duct Tape has achieved best-in-class ratings for its high adherence and gripping power to various surfaces, including wood, brick, plastic, and glass.

If you’re a pro on the job site or a do-it-yourself in need of a sturdier tape, Maximum Strength rating tape is both effortless to rip and durable enough for all of your repair requirements.

It can coat for use both indoors and outdoors, and it’s also waterproof.

3M Weather Dutch Tape

ALL-WEATHER 3M Duct tape is undaunted. It precisely designed the weather and to withstand Mother Nature’s harshest circumstances. 

It combined strong adhesion with exceptional weather ability to withstand extreme heat, cold, and rainfall without drying, peeling, or cracking.

This duct tape adheres to almost any material and hand tears for a speedy, basic system, making it ideal for weatherproofing, fixing outdoor equipment, and sharpening tools.

Depend on 3M ALL-WEATHER Duct Tape for a powerful grip, rain, or shine. For long-lasting effectiveness, it can resist heat, sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow.

Claw Hammer

If you want a prominent hammer for use flawlessly, you can choose Claw Hammer. A Claw hammer is a useful tool that can be used conveniently. It features a hole for secure hanging.

It has a Drop-forged and hardened hammerhead with hand shined excellence and high-frequency quenching for consistent strength and ultimate durability. A bigger affecting face will lead to more efficient and precise output.

Sharpened and beautifully curved claw ends use the fulcrum principle to give essential leverage, enabling you to produce maximum pulling leverage and effortlessly pull out difficult nails.

The hammerhead is firmly and securely assembled to the fiberglass handle using glue feed technology, that will never lose over the duration. To avoid electricity and from children, keep it in a secure place or hang it with a hole.

Measurement of Mini Stuby Hammer (6.3’’ *4.2” *1.05”) in Length, Width, and Height.

General claw Hammer (13.3”* 5.2” *1.2”) in Length,Width,Height.

Its handle is high carbon steel handles and fiberglass.

Rubber Mallet Hammer

If you are searching for the relevant hammer, go through with a rubber Mallet hammer.

ZEXETT double-headed rubber hammer is a higher-quality substance. 

The black point is a connecting point that connects the hammerhead to the handle; the hammerhead will not detach from the handle even if they use it with a lot of power. 

The non-slip soft rubber grip reduces vibrations.

Handle made of fiberglass. The strengthened fiberglass handle lasts for a significant duration.

Hand Metal Grip  

If you are searching for a variety of functioning tools that can easily. Then the C-Clamp is the ideal tool for securing any material, regardless of its shape or size. 

Its 11inch locking function makes it a safe option for household or workplace applications. Its compact form is also ideal for traveling artisan toolkits.

Jaws with a 3.25 opening capacity, the clamp would join, and vehicle body panels without harming them. And Made of nickel-plated alloy steel to resist harsh operating conditions.

It has locks that are screwed adjustable with trigger release. There are three different sizes available.  You can choose your desired one.

In weight, it is 3.53 pounds, and the color is available in Silver.

The Measurements of the kit (13.9 x 11.18 x 2.52) inch And in steel material.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Repairing Your Gaming Chair

When you repair a gaming chair, you gain both advantages and downsides.

Evaluate The Two Advantages And Downsides.


  • The Risk and Benefits of Fixing Your Chairs
  • You will not have to spend more money 
  • On a rapid technique.


It will not work in severe instances.

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Before trying to solve such a problem, it is important to understand exactly how, where, and why its works and the operating system.

To learn how and where to fix it, you should recognize the proper problem of running long

A gaming chair, or any rolling chair of comparable size, has a lot more components more than your think. Some are common in all seats, and many others are more unique.

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